WATCH: Stock picks — Mastercard and Haidilao

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Deryck Janse van Rensburg from Anchor chose Mastercard as his stock pick of the day and Jean Pierre Verster from Protea Capital Management chose Haidilao

Janse van Rensburg said: “My stock pick tonight is going to be Mastercard, obviously we saw a sell-off of it last night but things are starting to pick up and I think this is very much based on the fact that economies and geographical boarders are going to start to open up.”

Verster said: “I’m picking a company listed in Hong Kong, it’s a major restaurant chain called Haidilao. What makes them different from others is their service, they give you free snacks while you wait to enter the restaurant, because they are so popular and you can get a manicure or a pedicure while having your hot pot.”