APAC Wealth Firms Not Keeping Pace With Digital Transformation Are Destined to Fail

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Refinitiv released the findings of its Wealth Management report titled “The Gold Standard of Wealth Management: Redefining investor experiences in Asia-Pacific”.

The firm recently surveyed over 500 investors in Asia-Pacific to understand how their trading activities, data needs and digital expectations are evolving.

The study finds that investors in this region are more frustrated by their platform experiences and less loyal compared to their global counterparts.

This dissatisfaction is due to the fact that wealth firms have struggled to adapt their content and digital strategies to the unique investing behaviour in the Asia-Pacific region.

The failure to impress has significant consequences for revenue generation with some clients even prepared to take their assets elsewhere due to the poor digital experience.

Fortunately, the study identifies several enhancements that Asia-Pacific investors state would improve the digital experience.

These range from ease of use when navigating the platform, to advancing data capabilities, the provision of analysis and visualization tools.

Key findings of the study include:

  • 32% of investors say they are more likely to need investment advice than 6 to 12 months ago.
  • 22% are willing to switch platforms within a year because of their poor digital experiences.
  • 48% are increasingly enthusiastic about ESG investing.
  • 31% say clearer product navigation is a priority platform improvement they want to see.

Steven Carroll

Steven Carroll, Global Head of Sales Strategy and Execution, Wealth at Refinitiv said,

“The Asian market has unique challenges and investor expectations in respect to their digital experiences.

With the growing number of retail investors and accelerated competition amongst established and new wealth players, providing the latest technology to lower cost, increase connectivity and improve the investor experience, will be key to long term success.”

Refinitiv has a rich history of servicing the Wealth Management industry from front to back office. Over the last two years, the firm has invested heavily in the business and is committed to bringing the most advanced solutions to market.

The ongoing transformation includes building out the firm’s solutions through strategic acquisitions and investments in new product development which includes the launch of Refinitiv Workspace for Wealth Advisors, their new flagship workflow solution for wealth advisors.

Refinitiv wealth solutions empower firms with faster time to market for digital properties while offering a flexible framework consisting of web-based components, pre-built pages, APIs and mobile apps, all of which can be precisely configured for clients.

As a global supplier of financial data, all these powerful solutions are underpinned by market-leading data, which is essential to building personalised experiences for investors and advisors alike, from pricing and economic data, to transparent ESG and advanced news analytics.

Download the ‘The Gold Standard of Wealth Management: Redefining investor experiences in Asia-Pacific” report here.

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