Webinar: Today’s Supply Chain – Building Resilience Strategically and Tactically

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Date: Tuesday, September 14, 2021
­­­12:00 p.m. ET (GMT -5, New York)
1 Hour
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Live Webinar

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Amid continually increasing supply chain demands, we are seeing unique workforce challenges in the US. The workforce is aging, retiring after a long career and taking their wealth of undocumented knowledge with them. Newcomers need to get up to speed quickly and with accuracy. This transition puts added strain on companies, who’s customers have record breaking expectations of modern businesses. In today’s world, keeping up isn’t enough. Pressure is growing for companies to pull ahead.

With the changes in the workforce and shifting attitudes about appropriate job tenure, businesses need to modernize to stay resilient and prepare for the future. There is one solution that can alleviate these seemingly different pressures: automated data capture technology and modern systems. AB&R and Zebra dive into how embracing modern technology in your facility can ultimately create strategic and tactical resilience in your operation.  

Join us to learn how modernization facilitates:  

  • improved insights into where you stand so you can make strides toward your company’s key objectives. 
  • knowledge transfer before your workforce transitions out of the company.  
  • effective training for newcomers.  



Gary Randall, VP of Sales and Marketing, ABR

John Wirthlin, Industry Principal – Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics, Zebra Technologies


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