How to Invest in USD$203 Billion Sports Betting Industry

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We live in exciting times when we can easily invest in stocks and other financial instruments to ensure our long-term prosperity.

Sports betting companies are just as appealing as their counterparts dwelling on other activities, so investments can be just as tempting. There are many gambling groups out there, so a decision needs to be made and that’s why research is so important. On the bright side, there are many trading platforms that allow you to purchase stock with a few clicks and in accord with the law.

The daily fantasy sports business is booming

DraftKings is one of the most dynamic of online betting sites and not surprisingly, among the top preferences for investors. It is valued at $24 billion and it continues to grow at an accelerated pace as it expands its business. What began as a daily fantasy sports project switched to more classic forms of gambling and there are just as successful. They made the expansion to the classic niche and in states where regular sports betting is legal, players can easily bet. This also makes them a good target for investments.

Gambling Giants expands to sports

Caesars Entertainment is a shining example of a gambling company that also runs sports betting operations. It has been around for more than 80 years and its stock grew exponentially in recent months. The group is one of the leaders in sports betting and one of the most exciting investments for people who are not scared of a little volatility. Risk-averse investors might be intimidated by the wide swings, yet the stock can easily be found in the portfolios of most online trading platforms.

When in doubt, bet on resilience

Churchill Downs is a shining example of a gambling company with a long history in providing superior services to its players. It was founded back in 1928 and initially was specialized in horse racing, before expanding to other sports. It is listed on the stock exchange, which means that you can find it on trading platforms and make a purchase. The value of the stock, as well as the potential for growth are good incentives to give it a chance. However, what makes it stand out from the crowd is its long history.

Online sports betting investments are profitable

The pandemic has change the manner people enjoy gambling and social distancing rules pushed many to single player action. Online sports betting was already immensely popular and it continues to gain traction among punters. Massive gambling groups such as Flutter Entertainment have benefited greatly from this meteoric growth in 2020 and 2021. The company combines many bookmakers, casinos and poker rooms under the same branch. This makes it attractive for investors seeking big profits with reasonable risks.