Here’s a Unique Way to Spot Worthy Investment or Trading Ideas

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This one-of-a-kind way to spot investment ideas is called “elliotticity.” The impartial arbiter of elliotticity is our proprietary computer program called EWAVES, Elliott Wave Analysis & Validation Expert System.

Elliott Wave International has been perfecting EWAVES for years; it already powers EWI’s Flash Services recommendations. And now, it can quantify the exact percentage by which a market adheres to the Elliott wave model by giving it an elliotticity score.

Our recent monthly Elliott Wave Theorist provided more insights:

Total elliotticity takes into account the entire history of a market. Markets with the highest total elliotticity conform best to the Elliott wave model at all degrees of scale. Short term elliotticity helps us recognize markets that have recently traced out clear Elliott waves and thus are good candidates for near term forecasting…

Elliotticity is designed for practical use. We use a percentage scale of 1-100.

Currencies and commodities adhere well to the model, so both are high-elliotticity asset classes. Regarding stocks, high-volume and high market-capitalization stocks tend to have a higher adherence versus thinly traded issues — because Elliott waves track herding (or crowd) behavior, and generally speaking, the bigger the market cap of a stock, the bigger the crowd.

Here’s another quote from our recent Elliott Wave Theorist:

Trend following indicators are quantitative by nature, completely dependent upon pre-chosen numerical indicator settings. But the market’s trends do not adhere to quantitative norms…

The most important advantage of EWAVES is that it is qualitative. It can identify the market’s patterns regardless of their quantitative duration, price change, speed, volatility or any other such aspects.

Like all market forecasting, EWAVES operates on probabilities, not certainties. Yet, EWAVES does offer investment ideas worth your attention — analyzing several hundred investment vehicles each day and ranking them to find the best wave counts.

Where can you see them?

You’ll find the investment vehicles sporting the highest elliotticity right now in our monthly Global Market Perspective in the section titled “EWAVES,” which includes the “EWAVES Chart Gallery.”

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