Getting better sleep with the time change: Mom Squad

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CLEVELAND — It’s that time of year again! We turn the clocks back an hour this weekend, bringing an end to Daylight Saving Time. 

While we can all agree that gaining an hour is a little bit easier than losing an hour, it still messes with our sleep habits.

In this week’s Mom Squad podcast, Maureen Kyle talks with Dr. Carolyn Ievers Landis, a clinical psychologist with University Hospitals Rainbow Babies, who also happens to be a sleep specialist. She says your wakeup time is more important than what time you go to bed.

“What I would rather have people think about is activity activity activity, being outside moving around,” she said. “Especially during the pandemic, we’re not moving around as much, we’re not running errands as much and our kids are sitting around much more. So, I would say get your kids out, tire them out and then just see when they fall asleep.”

Dr. Ievers Landis also says many people don’t realize falling asleep isn’t instantaneous. So, kids might lay awake for 20 to 30 minutes, which is normal. To hear all of Dr. Ievers Landis advice on sleep and better sleep adjustment, you can download the Mom Squad Pod where ever you listen to your podcasts.