Chris Hemsworth Ditched the Weights and Got Crushed By a 'Brutal' Pilates Workout

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© Getty Images – Getty Images Chris Hemsworth and his brother Liam Hemsworth both “struggled” through a pilates routine from the actor’s Centr health and fitness app in an Instagram video.

Chris Hemsworth has maintained a muscular physique for the last decade’s worth of Thor and Avengers movies, and packed on even more gains this year ahead of filming Thor: Love and Thunder, Extraction 2, and the Hulk Hogan biopic, in which he will play the ’90s wrestling legend. But even with all of that strength at his disposal, there are still some fitness routines that the Aussie actor struggles with.

In a new video on Instagram, Chris and his brother Liam can be seen “going hard” in a Pilates workout, led by one of the instructors on his health and wellness app Centr.

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“The struggle was real in this brutal Pilates session,” Chris wrote in the caption for the clip, which also captured Liam attempting to hold the same squat position and “cheating” by resting his hands on his upper legs, while his friend and stunt double Bobby Holland Hanton looked on. Chris and Liam were cheered on in the “brutal” routine by trainer and Centr advisor Luke Zocchi, who was also responsible for programming Chris’ Thor: Love and Thunder diet and workout plan.

While the Hemsworth brothers sweating and groaning their way through a Pilates session makes for a pretty good bit of advertising for Centr, it’s also a nice reminder that Pilates is more than just a series of simple stretches: it’s actually a good way to build foundational strength by focusing on both eccentric and concentric muscle contractions. And for guys whose workouts consist of solely weights training with the occasional bit of cardio, it adds useful mobility and balance work which can help in avoiding joint issues, back pain and general injury.

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