Adele says she suffered back pain for half her life but weight loss helped

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Adele has opened up about her weight loss. (Columbia Records)

Adele has revealed she has spent half her life in pain but said losing seven stone helped.

The ‘Easy On Me’ singer lost the weight after the breakdown of her marriage, and has said it’s because she turned to exercise to ease her anxiety.

She has now told The Face that shedding the pounds helped with the back pain she’d suffered with for so long.

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Adele, 33, said she slipped a disc when she was 15 and that her “core was useless” after she had her son Angelo by C-section in 2012.

“I’ve been in pain with my back for, like, half of my life, really,” she said.

“It flares up, normally due to stress or from a stupid bit of posture. But where I got my tummy strong, down at the bottom, which I never had before, my back don’t play up as much. It means I can do more, I can run around with my kid a little bit more.”

The singer said she had to buy a whole new wardrobe after losing weight. She was also surprised to discover that her rings no longer fit her after she transformed her body.

Adele said she’s struggled with back pain for a while. (Getty)

However, Adele said there are still parts of her body that she doesn’t like, such as her arms.

It came up recently when she shot her Vogue cover as people tried to get her to wear sleeveless dresses.

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She said: “I was like, ‘I ain’t showing my arms! Are you mad?’ 

“I’ve never liked my arms, ever, and I still don’t like my arms.”

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