Miami's president buys house outside Oxford, says required on-campus home still primary residence


TREASURIES-Yields rise as risk sentiment improves, Fed in focus

Longer-dated yields have dropped from 3-1/2-year highs as sharp declines in stocks increased demand for the safe haven debt, and as investors worry that the Fed’s aggressive plans to hike interest rates will tip the economy into a recession. A sharp drop in inflation expectations as measured by inflation-linked bonds will also be in focus, as it may reflect growing confidence that the Fed’s hawkish plans to reign in rising price pressures will ultimately prove effective. “It is at least one part of the mosaic that the Fed looks at in trying to evaluate where inflation expectations are, and right now to see TIPS breakevens pull back, I think that may give them some ammunition to say that inflation expectations are somewhat well anchored, at least by that one measure,” Lorizio said.