The Best Workout Benches for the Ultimate Home Gym

Whether you are trying to step up your workout routine to help you achieve chiseled abs, or just want a simple routine to stay healthy, a workout bench is quintessential to the realization of your dreams. This doesn’t mean that the workout bench will magically transform you into Chris Hemsworth, but it will help you make progress on your fitness goals. A workout bench is unarguably the most versatile and essential piece of equipment you can ever have in your home gym. Nonetheless, finding the right workout bench to suit your exercise routine and room size might be a little difficult. Worry no more, we have done the homework and have brought the answer to you. This article will help guide you through the process of choosing the greatest workout benches in 2022. 

Things to Look for When Purchasing a Workout Bench

Type of workout bench

The type of workout bench you choose is determined by the function or role you need it for. 

There are 6 types of workout benches. They include:

Flat bench

The flat bench is the most popular and widely used type of workout bench.  They are usually flat and have no attachments. People who often use them usually use the bench to work on their chests, triceps, and shoulders. 

Adjustable weight bench

The adjustable weight bench is far more flexible than the rigid flat bench. It allows its users to perform a myriad of exercises simply by making adjustments to the bench based on their needs. The bench can be adjusted to a variety of positions, including flat, inclined, or declined.

Olympic weight bench

These benches are wider and longer than the standard bench, and they are used at advanced, professional levels. They are the most complex and usually possess additional equipment like weight plates, dumbbells,  rods, and squat racks. This workout machine allows users to perform more complex exercises like bench press, squats, and quad exercises. 

Folding weight bench

These benches are the most compact and portable. They take up less space because they can be folded and hidden away when they are not in use. Not all benches can be easily carried around and folded. Folded workout benches might be lighter and less bulky, and may be adjustable to a few different positions, but they hardly ever have any additional special features.

Abdominal weight bench

This bench is designed and targeted for ab exercises. They can be positioned in either an incline, decline, or flat position. They are also equipped with foot rollers that ensure the user is protected during the workout by securing the feet in place. If you want to strengthen your abdominal muscles or achieve beautifully contoured abs, this is the type of bench you should get.

Preacher curl bench

These benches are designed intentionally for performing preacher curls, which are typically performed to work the biceps. They are great for individuals looking to strengthen their biceps and peak more.

Weight and height capacity

Your weight and height are very important to keep in mind when picking your workout bench because you want to make sure that you purchase a bench that can safely hold and support you. If your body weight is greater than the weight capacity of the bench, it might fall apart. If your height is greater than the bench’s height capacity, you’ll find it difficult to perform some exercises with your bench. Therefore, it is very important to pick a bench that is well suited for your weight and height to allow you to utilize your bench effectively. The bench must be strong and sturdy enough to accommodate your weight and whatever load you will be working out with to ensure safety and to help the bench last longer.


Depending on the type of workouts you do, you should consider getting an adjustable bench. If you prefer to use the bench to perform chest, shoulder, bicep, and leg workouts, then you should get an adjustable bench. They typically offer you the most bang for your buck, as you can perform a wide range of exercises with just this one piece of equipment. They are great for home gyms since you only need to buy one bench to fulfill a variety of purposes. 

Level of experience 

Your level of experience is also very crucial to keep in mind during your selection process. If you are a beginner, it would be better to get something less sophisticated but still adequate to meet your needs. On the other hand, if you are a gym junkie, it would be best to pick a more sophisticated bench to meet your routine needs. 


The size of the ideal bench for you depends on the space you want to put the bench in. If you have limited space, it would be advisable to buy a foldable workout bench to reduce the amount of space it takes up when not in use. If you have abundant space you can choose to buy a non-foldable workout bench.

Comfort and safety

Comfort is absolutely an important quality to make sure that your workout bench has. You don’t want to suffer body aches after a workout just because the bench was too hard. Pick padded benches with a cushioned seat and back pad. 

As for safety, pick a sturdy bench that stands firmly on the ground and does not teeter or wobble. If there is any unsteadiness, send a complaint and request a replacement. 

You can also check out the warranty as a test for durability.  The better the warranty terms, the greater the durability of the product.


Though the vast majority of people make a selection based on price, in this context, the price should come last. You have to be sure that your bench is safe to use, durable, comfortable, and has the appropriate height and weight specifications. After narrowing down your options based on these criteria, you can then pick the bench on the list whose price best suits your wallet.

These tips, if followed, will lead you to the very best workout bench for your home gym in no time. Workout benches are very much worth investing in. Choose wisely, and enjoy your future workouts!