Stock market capitulation coming soon? Hinted by market rotation out from this sector [Video]

Market rotation out from this defensive sector could signal the start of stock market capitulation based on the analogue comparison of the global financial crisis in 2008.

Find out how to use analogue comparison as a bear market leading indicator on top of price volume analysis to better interpret the messages from the market. 

Most importantly, to prepare yourself for the market bottom in order to ride the upcoming cyclical bull run.

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The bullish setup vs. bearish setup is 74 vs 722 from the screenshot of my stock screener below. This is still a clear bear market environment where shorting stands a better chance.

This is still a tough environment to trade (even for shorting) because of the super high volatility involved, which will whipsaw on both sides. 

Risk management with proper position sizing is the only thing we have full control of. So do take advantage on that when you are trading, especially at this point.