Watch: Dr Lovneet Batra explains 'stealthy' calories you may be forgetting to count and their impact

We hardly include these ‘stealthy calories’ when we count our daily caloric intake. However, these liquid calories tend to spike glucose and insulin levels faster than solid calories

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As many parts of the country continue to reel under soaring temperatures, most of us are tempted to drink Summer beverages such as still and carbonated soft drinks, 100 percent juices and so on. However, the liquid calories in these drinks do have an impact if they are consumed regularly.

We hardly include these ‘stealthy’ calories when we count our daily caloric intake. But, it is a mistake to ignore them, according to Dr Lovneet Batra. The nutritionist released a video recently on the impact of these ‘mindless’ calories in energy drinks, soda, tea, juices, soft drinks and other sugary beverages that never fill us up. These calories are more dangerous as they tend to spike glucose and insulin levels faster than solid calories. Check it out:

Here are the effects of these ‘stealthy’ liquid calories on our body:

Raises blood sugar levels: Liquid sugar calories can lead to elevated insulin resistance and blood sugar levels.  High fructose intake can lead to increased risk of type 2 diabetes as well as a decrease in insulin sensitivity. Sugary beverages deliver a large amount of fructose in a short time. As your body converts the extra fructose into fat and stores it in the liver, it can lead to inflammation, insulin resistance and higher blood sugar levels.

Increases heart risk: Liquid sugars have an adverse impact on the heart as high levels of fructose intake can increase the amount of triglycerides and other fat molecules in your blood. This is turn increases the risk of heart disease.

Leads to weight gain: The body does not register these stealthy calories, meaning they do not provide the same feeling of fullness as solid foods. This can prompt individuals to keep eating even after consuming a high-calorie beverage, increasing their calories, and ultimately leading to weight gain.

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