Would you do the Human Being diet, summer’s new weight-loss trend?

Tired of intermittent fasting and restrictive plant-based eating? Whisper it, but the secret weapon for weight loss among the sleekest, leanest women of southwest London is the Human Being Diet. Dubbed “HBD” by those who are on it, this three-month programme does not require you to cut out meat, carbohydrates or even alcohol in the long term and eventually entails eating three square meals a day, but is hailed for its transformative powers.

Petronella Ravenshear, the woman behind the diet, is the go-to nutrition therapist for the fashion set: her clients number Jemma Kidd and a host of designers, including jean queen Donna Ida. The approach centres on regaining “metabolic balance and better digestive health” and quietly, over the past 12 months, it has garnered