Add meditation to your daily routine this summer

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Dr. Allyson Coffin is sharing some tips for parents and others to add meditation to their daily lives and routines this summer.

MAINE, USA — If you or someone you know is feeling the added pressures of having the kids home for the summer, or maybe you’re just feeling overwhelmed in general, meditation might be a helpful tool.

Dr. Allyson Coffin, a local chiropractor and wellness expert, shared some tips with us about the benefits of meditation and how to incorporate it into your daily routine this summer.

“Meditation is something we can all take with us, you don’t need things to do it, it comes with us, an innate thing when we’re born,” Coffin said. “We can teach meditation that we can bring everywhere and we can teach it through the generations.”

Coffin said meditation can bring a calming or peaceful presence to your body that lingers throughout the day. She suggested breathing techniques to get you started.

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“A lot of breath through our chest, which is actually part of the fight or flight response so, that means like when you’re running from a bear,” Coffin said. “When we are in that state we get stressed, we get more belly fat, you cannot focus.”

Over time, Coffin said participants will see an increase in their memory, overall happiness, and a greater sense of feeling calm. Coffin said meditating can look as simple as sitting alone in your room for as little as two minutes. 

“Everyone can do this,” Coffin said. 

For a full demonstration and to learn more about the benefits of meditation, check out the full segment with Dr. Allyson Coffin.

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