Michael Mosley weight loss: Alcoholic drink that cuts down on calories – 'health benefits'

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Summer is here and whilst people are out and about with friends, they don’t want to be worrying about their diets and what they’re drinking. Alcoholic drinks do contain many hidden calories but Dr Michael Mosley has suggested one variation that can decrease a person’s calorie intake and alcohol consumption.

Dr Michael Mosley is the founder of the popular Fast 800 diet plan, a low-carb Mediterranean-style diet which is low in sugar and starchy carbohydrates but packed full of disease-fighting nutrients.

And it also includes a splash of alcohol.

Dr Mosley explained: “If you’re meeting up with friends or family in an outdoor setting, take drinks with you as it can be tempting to succumb into the high in sugar, alcoholic options that may be offered.

“Following a Mediterranean-style diet doesn’t deprive you of alcohol completely; red wine is our preferred drink of choice as it does have some health benefits, and may contribute a reduced risk of health conditions, if consumed in moderation.”

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But Dr Mosley warned that drinking can also bring on cravings for unhealthy food.

He said: “Disinhibition removes your willpower however, there’s more to it than that.

“It’s likely that you’ve experienced the common desire for more food after a night of drinking and there’s a good reason for this.

“Two hormones that play a large role are leptin and ghrelin; leptin reduces hunger while ghrelin increases it.

“When you drink alcohol, your leptin levels are obstructed, while ghrelin levels are elevated, increasing your appetite as a result.”

He continued: “This is part of the reason people reach for the chocolate, crisps or the takeaway shop after a few drinks – these levels remain imbalanced the following day too.”