Connected fitness AI startup Asensei looks to scale with SeventySix Capital investment

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  • Computer vision and sensor tech monitors movement for use in connected fitness platforms
  • Asensei was in SportsPro’s Ideas to Invest Now class of 2020

Technology venture capital firm SeventySix Capital has invested in fitness artificial intelligence (AI) developer Asensei with the intention of helping the startup scale its business and take advantage of the growing demand for connected fitness products.

Asensei’s coaching software uses computer vision or motion capture sensors to track human movement, allowing connected fitness applications and hardware to monitor style and technique and provide real time feedback during workouts.

The company’s software development kit (SDK) adds the motion capture capabilities to existing products with just a few lines of code, allowing connected fitness platforms to offer personalisation features that deepen engagement and reduce subscription churn.

New movements can be added within a matter of hours, building on a technique library already has exercises in strength, mobility, yoga, pilates and boxing, and the software is already used by Reform RX, Speede, MOVR and CLMBR’s products.

Asensei hopes SeventySix Capital’s investment and resources will accelerate development of the platform and allow it to partner with more connected fitness platforms.

“We were connected to SeventySix Capital by Lauren Foundos, CEO of FORTË, during our integration process with them,” stated Asensei chief executive Steven Webster. “She shared how helpful SeventySix Capital’s team and relationships in the sports industry have been in building her company, and we are confident that they can do the same for us as we look to supercharge Asensei’s growth.”

Asensei was named as one of SportsPro’s 20 sports tech ideas to invest in now the class of 2020.