World Brain Day: Theme And Quotes About The Most Complex Organ Of Human Body

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World Brain Day is commemorated on July 22 to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of the body’s most complex vital organ.

The World Federation of Neurology (WFN) was founded on July 22, 1957. Since then, every year, the day is dedicated to understanding the importance of brain health and the theme for this year’s celebration is Brain Health for All.

“Brain health for all has never been more imperative,” Prof. Grisold, President of WFN said. To achieve the goal, the agency calls for “quality neurology”, “implementation of national health policies to prevent brain disorders” and “appropriate and timely diagnosis, treatment, and care for everyone.”

WFN has urged people to use social media to discuss and share about brain health using these hashtags — #WorldBrainDay, #WBD2022 and #BrainHeathforAll.

Here are some interesting quotes about the brain that would help you realize the significance of the vital organ. (Courtesy: Brainy Quotes)

  1. “The human brain is an incredible pattern-matching machine.”- Jeff Bezos
  2. “The brain is like a muscle. When it is in use we feel very good. Understanding is joyous.”- Carl Sagan
  3. “The chief function of the body is to carry the brain around.”- Thomas A. Edison
  4. “That’s your best friend and your worst enemy – your own brain.”- Fred Durst
  5. “Everything we do, every thought we’ve ever had, is produced by the human brain. But exactly how it operates remains one of the biggest unsolved mysteries, and it seems the more we probe its secrets, the more surprises we find.”- Neil deGrasse Tyson
  6. “The human brain has 100 billion neurons, each neuron connected to 10 thousand other neurons. Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in the known universe.”- Michio Kaku
  7. “Neuroscience is by far the most exciting branch of science because the brain is the most fascinating object in the universe. Every human brain is different – the brain makes each human unique and defines who he or she is.”- Stanley B. Prusiner
  8. “Humans are distinguished from other species by a massive brain that enables us to imagine a future and influence it by what we do in the present. By using experience, knowledge and insight, our ancestors recognized they could anticipate dangers and opportunities and take steps to exploit advantages and avoid hazards.”- David Suzuk

representational image Photo: pixabay