Cuddle Encourages Youths to Engage in Real Estate

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Rebecca Ejifoma

In addressing a greater need, a real estate developer in Nigeria, Cuddle Realty, has unveiled some ambassadors while also charging youths to get involved in the sector.

The firm aims to equip young minds and help them gain financial independence while becoming entrepreneurs in the industry.

Speaking at the inauguration of ambassadors and allocation of properties to buyers, the CEO of Cuddle Realty, Mr John Igbinosa, encouraged the ambassadors to spread the news about financial freedom and dependence through Cuddle. 

“I learned that 90 per cent of the world’s millionaires built wealth by investing in two estates. 

“I’ve read stories from Femi Otedola to grant and people who got themselves out of the financial crisis by investing in real estate,” he narrated. 

While recounting how he lost a whopping sum of money in several markets, Igbinosa boasted that real estate is safe and secure. “I love real estate”, he acknowledged. 

Addressing youths in the country, the CEO maintained that real estate is available for all. “We don’t need to talk about how good the market is. The only thing I need to say is, to get involved.”

As a youth-centred firm, Igbinosa emphasised that Cuddle aims to build products that enhance the quality of life while solving complex problems through real estate. 

On his part, the Head of Marketing, Cuddle, Mr Fabian George, described Cuddle as the world’s distributor of transgenerational wealth. 

With the proliferation of ingenue real estate firms, Geroge implored prospective buyers to do their findings about the company online. 

“Google is like the homepage of every business. Request for the document of the land to do your verification. Then research about the people behind the company,” he added. 

At Cuddle, they have properties in Lagos, Epe precisely. Intending to sell 240 acres of land in Epe, the head of marketing reminds Nigerians that Epe is the future of Lagos. “Femi Otedola called Epe the new goal standard of Lagos,” he cited. 

Today, Cuddle is on the quest to help people tap into this opportunity Epe brings. In the words of George, the Ikoyis and Victoria Islands of today were just like the Epe of today. 

He emphasised: “This is a gold mine. We know that there is a glorious future Epe has and we are encouraging people to

take advantage of it.”