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‘Fascinating and Terrifying’: Dust Storm Rolls Over Arizona Home

Footage recorded in Dolan Springs, Arizona, on July 24, shows the moment when a dust storm quietly moved towards a home, with sand reducing visibility within minutes.Sandra Mason was at home when she first noticed the cloud “embarking quietly down the mountain,” she told Storyful.The video, which she shared to Facebook, shows the storm enveloping her property. In the background, her husband can be heard saying: “you’d better close the window in your room” as the sky turns ochre.Mason told Storyful that the cloud rolled over their brick wall and into the yard.“It was so still, quiet, [like] a light cooling breeze,” she said. “Within 30 seconds the sound of fury could be heard.”She described objects flying around as “a ricochet of things being thrown,” and added that visibility was suddenly reduced to zero.“[It was] absolutely fascinating and terrifying,” Mason said. “We moved here seven months ago for peace and quiet.” Credit: Sandra Mason via Storyful