I’m a baby expert & there’s seven foods that’ll help your baby sleep

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A PAEDIATRIC sleep consultant has shared the seven foods that she claims will help your baby sleep.

The savvy mum, who is from the US and posts under the acronym @babysleepteam, took to TikTok where she shared an educational video discussing the top foods that you can feed your baby with great fat and iron content.


A paediatric sleep consultant revealed the top foods that you can feed your baby with great fat and iron contentCredit: tiktok/@babysleepteam


Among the sleep guru’s top tips included steakCredit: tiktok/@babysleepteam

In the clip, she begins: “Food and sleep go together like peas and carrots so it’s really important that you’re giving the baby the nutrients they need so it can help to support their sleep.”

“As a paediatric sleep consultant I can’t tell you how many parents don’t know if their baby’s are genuinely hungry or are waking up out of habit.”

“So when they’ve started solids, by loading them up with calories during the day, it’ll help them sleep better at night and you can feel assured they’re not hungry.”

She then goes on to share her seven top food recommendations to help with your little one’s irons and fat.

Firstly, she advises butternut pumpkin, before moving on to highlight the benefits of steak and liquid greens like spinach.

She also praises the benefits of peanut butter, avocado, peas and eggs.

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“These are all fantastic foods to help your little ones feel fuller for longer so I’d really encourage you finding ways of getting this into your little’ one’s diet during the day to increase their calories,” she says.

The informative post has since received thousands of views, with many taking to the comments section to discuss the revelations.

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“I thought spinach was a bit dangerous for little foodies,” wrote one.

The sleep guru responded: “It’s a great nutritious food to add to purées for babies and is a common recommendation for babies.”

A second enthused: “Super helpful!!! Thank you!”

A third penned: “My little one has most of these almost every day I’m glad we are doing well as she has had weight gain issues.”

Meanwhile, another admitted: “We gave my little one steak for the first time, and he loved it soooo much!”

And a further added: “I was worried peanut butter will have too much sugar.”