No more sleeping pills, here is a natural way to get better sleep

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Healthy human beings need between 7-9 hours of sleep to wake up feeling fresh like a rose bud. If you’ve been tossing and turning in bed every night, waking up grumpy the next morning, then you need a little help for some shut eye. Lack of sleep can lead to hypertension, abnormal weight gain and even depression. But before you reach out for a remedy that comes out of a bottle, consider crystals to get good sleep juju and fabulous dreams.

Aarti Kalro, Akashic reader and crystal guide, says that a good night’s sleep gives your body a chance to reset. “If the thought of popping a pill makes you cringe, crystals are a safe alternative to aid you in getting a good night’s rest.” While the jury is out there whether crystals are a placebo or the real deal, Kalro recommends using stones to balance your energy. “Just like aromatherapy works on the senses, crystals work on our energy. They help to relax our body, calm the mind and some can take you to deeper dream states. The more soothing the colour of a crystal – the better it is for use. Light colours bring a sense of calm, while others may work on your energy balance,” she says.

Getting ready to sleep

Before you settle down to sleep, you can set your intention to help you drift off peacefully. “It is preferable to use tumbles, since the edges are soft. Cleanse them every now and them, or when you feel they need it,” she says. In the long run, they help you calm down and manage stress.

Keep these crystals by your bedside. Else slide one under your silken pillow or under the mattress for a snooze of the century. Or pop one in your pre-sleep bath to soothe your frazzled nerves. You can also keep a sleep diary, journaling your weird and wonderful dreams to see which stone works best for you.

Ahead, our pick of crystals for a sound night of sleep.

Rose Quartz

This pale, translucent pink stone promises infinite peace and unconditional love. “Rose Quartz helps to calm your nervous system and balance your heart,” says Kalro. If you’ve had a rough day, this gentle gem will soothe you like a balm. It will also help balance your emotions. You can pair it with an amethyst for a wonderful night of sleep.


If your sleep is peppered with nightmares of failing exams or scary deadlines, then this is your stone to banish bad dreams. This purplish-lavender stone is protective with healing and cleansing powers. It eases the stress of overthinking. “However, it may not work for everyone,” says Kalro. Amethyst guides your intuitive powers, so, try it for a night or two and see what’s tumbling through your dreams.


 An unusual, uncommon stone, it opens the floodgates of your creativity. It can come in a myriad of colors such as white, pink, orange, brown and more. Stilbite grounds you spiritually and helps you process your emotions gently. If you have a problem, sleep with it overnight under your pillow. “It is soft, soothing and brings creative solutions,” she says.


This purply-pink grainy stone is great to mop up negative energy that hangs around like a dark cloud. Great for sleep, it wipes out fear and anxiety. It works on whittling away insomnia, and nixes sleep disturbances and emotional stress weighing down on you.


As the name suggests, a moonstone has a deep connection with its namesake. It holds the energy of the new moon, heralding new beginnings. It’s your perfect nocturnal companion during the full moon, encouraging lucid dreaming. Balancing polarities, it has been used since ancient times to treat insomnia. If you’ve been raiding the fridge at midnight unbeknownst to you, it’s good to know it can tackle sleep walking too.

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