Housing crisis for key workers says DOI Minister

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There’s a housing crisis for key workers looking to relocate to the Isle of Man according to the infratructure minister.

Chris Thomas, who’s also chair of the Housing and Communities Board, says it’s a priority to help public service workers to be able to move here to take up jobs.

A scheme’s being launched to encourage landlords to consider making rental homes available for people taking up essential positions like teachers and nurses.

Information collated will be used to identify a list of suitable accommodation for key workers who will then be encouraged to contact the landlord to discuss potential tenancy.

Mr Thomas says they are aware that key workers, including teachers and health professionals, are struggling to find suitable properties due to the shortage of rental accommodation available. 

He adds this is only the first step in government’s response to key worker housing. 

Mr Thomas says the Manx Development Corporation is progressing plans to develop the former Nurses’ Home for key workers and tackling key workers housing is an important element of responding to the housing crisis.

Eligible landlords who are interested need to be registered, or be prepared to register, on the Voluntary Landlords Register. 

Further information on the scheme is available on the website.

Mr Thomas says the current situation is a crisis in every sense of the word: