Rama says he is ‘begging’ for investments

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August 11, 2022 | 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines —  With the depleted resources of the Cebu City government, Mayor Michael Rama is resorting to doing what he calls as “investment begging” from potential private partners in his vision of a “Singapore-like” city.

Right after getting out of isolation from Covid-19, Rama wasted no time in making a walk-thru in different barangays, ordered the immediate clearing of the three-meter easement, and then left for Manila.

While in Manila for some official business, Rama told reporters via phone interview yesterday that he is out there to do a “marathon investment begging.”

“I’m doing a marathon-investment begging. If you don’t beg for people to help me, how can we be Singapore-like,” he said.

On top of Rama’s priority is the completion of CCMC at least, hopefully, by January of next year.

Earlier, Rama had threatened to cancel the contract of its latest contractor of CCMC after seeing slow progress in the construction of the said hospital.

Now, Rama said at least some more floors are expected to be completed in October of this year.

To complete it, Rama and his team are meeting possible partners at least for each floor of the 10-floor structure.

Business typhoon Manny V. Pangiliinan is the first to commit P100 million for one floor of the CCMC with what they call a “naming rights” with it.

Some years back, Rama also did a “piso campaign” for CCMC but it was not enough. Worse, a year after its construction started, he lost his re-election bid.

Now that he is given a fresh mandate as mayor of Cebu City, Rama is proceeding with his “dream for the Cebuanos,” especially the poor, saying the CCMC will be a “poor man’s hospital with rich man’s services with love, care and compassion assured”.

After an accomplished mission in its meeting with MVP last Tuesday, Rama and his team went to see Filipino and Chinese investors in Taguig ,according to a report from the city’s Public Information Office.

“Your mayor will not stop investment begging,” said Rama.

Rama does not want to waste time looking for years to come to make his vision of a Singapore-like city a reality.

Rama said he wanted to get things done in three years, not a nine-year term. — Decemay P. Padilla, JMD (FREEMAN)

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