Global Matress Invest Millions In larger Facilities

Move to New Ponce Factory and Store Constructions Underway

Global Mattress—a wholly Puerto Rican company that in September celebrates its 35-year anniversary developing innovative products—continues its steady expansion in Puerto Rico with the construction of a factory and stores, which includes investing and updating its already high-tech manufacturing process with the latest equipment.

According to the president of Global Mattress, Rodroherick Correa, the total investment should be between $10.6 and $10.8 million. Likewise, he said that the goal is to reach a production of about 350 to 400 mattresses daily at the new plant in the southern town of Ponce. The company offers more than 20 models, as well as adjustable beds.

“That will allow us to be a little more aggressive with the market and bring out new products. The Ponce store is an expansion that comes by default, because where we have the manufacturing operation we will always have a store. This store is slightly bigger; it has two exhibition pavilions to be able to show the entire product line, which we cannot display in other stores that are smaller. This will already be the company’s 21st store,” Correa said. He described the new factory as state of the art and highly automated.

“Not only was an investment made in the physical plant, but there was also investment in new, modern equipment— new mattress assembly and manufacturing technologies. The reality is that, at least I have never visited a factory that has so much equipment and so much automation. Really, at least in Puerto Rico, it would definitely be the most automated and modern factory,” he surmised.

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