TROPICAL UPDATE: Invest 98-L to bring heavy rain to South Texas

Flash flooding will be a possibility as the disturbance continually streams in tropical moisture over the weekend.

Alan Holt, Mariah Gallegos (KIII TV), KIII Weather, Carly Smith

6:19 PM CDT July 29, 2021

6:37 PM CDT August 13, 2022

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The NHC has Invest 98-L marked with a 20% chance of development over the next 48 hours. Even though there’s favorable environmental conditions (like warm sea surface temperatures and low wind shear), 98-L isn’t expected to significantly develop. It’s just too close to land.

Speaking of – the system is expected to move inland overnight Sunday. Invest 98-L’s position is prime to grab and dump moisture into our atmosphere. That will combine with energy from the low pressure and give us a nearly two-day window of solid rain chances.

Here’s where you can find more details on rain chances and forecast rainfall totals for our area.

Just how far north 98-L slide determines our rainfall totals on the other side of this weekend. If likes one of the models that goes farther south, then our rainfall totals will be lighter the farther north you go. The opposite is true if it likes a more northerly path – we’d see higher totals farther north.

Either way, the tropical disturbance is expected to bring heavy and much-needed rainfall to the Coastal Bend.

The 2022 Atlantic Hurricane season has been relatively quiet, especially since we’re expecting an above-average year of tropical activity. So far, we’ve been “average,” with only three named storms as of August 9.

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Tropical activity tends to pick up in August, with longer-track storms developing off of the west African coast. Development is likely as tropical waves approach the Leeward Islands. Longer tracks can take these storms into the Gulf, along the Florida Coast, and up the East Coast. 

2022 KIII Hurricane Season Forecast

2022 NOAA Hurricane Season Forecast

Hurricane Season runs from June 1 – November 30, peaking on September 10.

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