Uniglo, Bitcoin, Ethereum Are Inflation-Proofed Cryptos That You Must Invest In

Is there an inflation-proof asset? Before we answer that, let’s look at what causes inflation. This is very simple. Adding more money to the circulating supply without adding more assets to the economy means that each dollar has to get smaller. 

Think of it like a pie. We cut it into four pieces. We need more pie for more people but you only have one pie. So we cut it into 8 pieces and the pieces all get smaller. If you want more pie you have to buy more pieces and it costs more money. 

The reason that stocks keep going up with inflation is that smaller dollars means that it costs more money to own a piece of the future profits so the price goes up. The price rise is essentially due to inflation (plus a little growth). 

So are there any inflation-proof assets? Sure. There’s gold — which has underperformed most asset classes for many years now. There’s real estate — which is complicated and illiquid. And there are cryptocurrencies.

While many cryptocurrencies cannot be considered inflation-proof, there are a few that can. Here are a few examples of some crypto assets that are bound to keep up with and even far surpass inflation. These could help you not only protect your future purchasing power but also create life-changing generational wealth.

Uniglo (GLO) — genesis 

Uniglo offers investors a way to not only invest in a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies and hard assets, but it also has a way to pretty much assure that the price of the token keeps up with inflation. 

By buying and holding the GLO token, investors get exposure to an array of assets — not just cryptocurrencies (including the two listed below) but also real-world assets such as gold, art, and collectibles. Uniglo is a DAO. That means that everyone who holds the GLO token gets to vote on all activities of the organization including which assets to invest in. 

Everyone who joins the community contributes to the common treasury which is used to invest. If you leave the community, you can sell your tokens, but you leave your small contribution to the treasury behind. Because of this, the treasury will always and forever be growing in size no matter which way the market is headed. Also, a dual burn mechanism assures that the circulating supply of GLO is always and forever shrinking. In other words, GLO is a deflationary token.

The tokenomics of GLO greatly favor those who join the community prior to launch. Not only will early adopters take advantage of years’ worth of growth to come, but they will also see gains before the platform even launches. Once a month up until launch, some of the available supply of tokens will be burned thus raising the price. Moreover, all unsold tokens will be burned upon launch. This could greatly increase the price of GLO as it hits exchanges. 

The platform launches in mid-October. You can take part in the private ICO presale at the Uniglo.io website. 

Bitcoin (BTC) — the apex cryptocurrency

Bitcoin’s primary function is to protect wealth against inflation. However, it has outperformed just about every other asset class in the past ten years. BTCs scarcity and high liquidity all but ensure that the price should continue trending upward. Many experts agree that BTC will hit $1 million by 2030. That’s a 50X return on investment from today’s price. Even if it does half that, it could produce life-changing gains for your family.

Ethereum (ETH) — the backbone of Web3

So far, Ethereum is the clear leader in smart blockchains and virtual machines. As the network changes over to proof-of-stake, it will become faster and more scalable. Moreover, Ethereum has more layer two blockchains (such as Polygon) and Web3 applications (such as Axie and Uniswap) built on top of it than any other. On top of being hard to catch, Ethereum’s circulating supply is predicted to become deflationary in the coming years making it a powerful hedge against inflation. 

Learn more here

Join Presale: https://presale.uniglo.io/register

Website: https://uniglo.io


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