Patriots Bill Belichick Answers (Sorta) Growing Critics: Retirement?

With six Super Bowls and 48 consecutive years coaching in the NFL, Bill Belichick’s legacy and Hall-of-Fame resume are secure.

Doesn’t mean, however, that his current reputation can’t be dinged.

Despite the unprecedented success during his 23 years as coach of the New England Patriots, there are fans increasingly frustrated by the team’s recent dip under Belichick. Since Tom Brady left after the 2019 season, the Pats are only 17-16 and without a playoff win.

In eight seasons as an NFL coach without Brady, Belichick can only boast one postseason victory.

Although a small pocket of fans aren’t enjoying Belichick’s work as much as they once did, the coach who turned 70 this offseason said this week he has no plans of retiring. Appearing on WEEI’s Greg Hill Show, Belichick – in typical fashion – shrugged off anything other than his team’s Sept. 11 opener against an AFC East rival.

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“Just worried about Miami,” he said. “I feel good. Thinking about Miami. I don’t have any answers (about retirement). There’s no one-year plan, five-year plan or 10-year plan.”

While fans focus primarily on the Patriots’ on-field results, Belichick maintains he still enjoys his cherished “process” that has driven him since he started as special assistant for the Baltimore Colts in 1975. During training camp, Belichick tried to spice things up for his team with a diversionary visit to Dana White’s UFC training center outside Las Vegas.

But to him it’s the grind, not the glamour.

“I still enjoy all aspects of what I do, throughout the year,” Belichick said. “Game day. Practice. Building a team in the offseason. Draft. Teaching. It’s all challenging and I still love it. No matter what your position – coach, player, trainer, whatever – it’s a tough competition in the NFL and you have to prepare right to perform well.”

Belichick sounds nothing like a man pondering stepping down. Now, about those “Fire Bill” Pats jerseys …

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