Young girl says she'll invest money in mutual funds, gets a nod from Paytm CEO

Many young adults are starting to learn how to invest their money. Even though there are many investment options, each comes with its own pros and cons. While one may think that investing is something that only adults do, children are no less these days. In a recent video doing rounds on the internet, you can see a young school-going girl talking about investing her money in mutual funds.

In a video uploaded by Twitter user @SwatiDugar, you can see a woman asking a young girl what she will do with the money she has received. The girl says that she will put it in her savings account and some money in mutual funds.

When she was asked to explain what mutual funds are, the girl said that “they know what companies are good and bad. If they give my money to those companies, the company might make some profit. And if the company makes a profit, my money might also grow.” Then the woman asks her how long she want to invest. To this, the girl replied by saying that she’ll invest for ten years as it could lead to a greater profit.

Take a look at the video here:

This video was shared just a few days back, and since then, it has been viewed 20,000 times. The video also has hundreds of likes and several comments. Even Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma re-shared her video and wrote, “Mutual Fund Sahi Hai.” Another person said, “My daughter has been investing for the last four years. On her own in MF and Sukanya Samridhi. In fact, she is saving for a camera for next year for the last few months. She has been tought about investing from age 4.” Someone else said, “An entrepreneur who knows how to invest. You have a prodigy for a daughter!”


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