$500K to buy a home? See what it buys you in Grand Haven and Spring Lake

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Prospective homebuyers considering the real estate market had a range of options in various neighborhoods throughout the region between May 6 and May 12. In this article, we outline recent property sales in Grand Haven and Spring Lake, all of which featured homes under $500,000.

Below, we provide an overview of the top three properties in each area, carefully chosen for their proximity to the desired price range and the largest living spaces.

Please note that the properties in the list below are for real estate sales where the title was recorded during the week of May 6, even if the property may have been sold earlier.

Grand Haven and Spring Lake

1. $500K, 5 beds / 3 bathrooms

This single-family home, featuring five bedrooms and three baths, underwent a change of ownership in April. Located at 15454 Trail Court, the home spans 1,779 square feet and was sold for $500,000, or $281 per square foot. The property sits on a lot measuring 0.5-acre, and it was originally built in 2006. The deal was finalized on Apr. 17.

2. $460K, 3 beds / 2 baths

For a price tag of $460,000 ($288 per sqft), the detached house, built in 1998 and located at 10444 Johnson Street changed hands in April. The home spans 1,596 square feet of living area, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The property comprises a 4.3-acre lot. The deal was finalized on Apr. 22.

12888 Mariposa Street, Grand Haven Twp

3. $398K, 4 beds / 3 bathrooms

The single-family house located at 12888 Mariposa Street offered an option at $397,500, (which equates to $200 per sqft). This property features 1,987 square feet of living area, with four bedrooms and three baths and was built in 2006. The lot spans over 0.4-acre. The deal was finalized on Apr. 18.

408 East Exchange Street, Spring Lake Village

4. $370K, 3 beds / 2 baths

Situated at 408 E. Exchange Street, this detached house, consisting of three bedrooms and two baths, was sold in April for a price of $370,000, translating to $202 per square foot. The property, constructed in 1930, offers a living area of 1,832 square feet and sits on an 8,233-square-foot lot. The deal was finalized on Apr. 22.

523 Robbins Road, Grand Haven City

5. $370K, 3 beds / 2 bathrooms

At $369,900 ($358 per sqft), the single-family residence located at 523 Robbins Road offered another opportunity below the targeted price range when it changed hands in April. This property, built in 1965, provides 1,032 square feet of living space, featuring three bedrooms and two baths, and sits on a 0.3-acre lot. The deal was finalized on Apr. 23.

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