I have a dog but my house doesn’t smell thanks to a Best Buy must-have – I got 3, it seems excessive but it works

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A PET owner has revealed how they keep their home from smelling like their dog.

A must-have Best Buy purchase worked so well that they picked up multiples.


A dog owner revealed how they kept their home smelling clean (Stock photo)Credit: Getty

Redditor u/shyladev shared the home advice in a Puppy 101 forum.

Thanks to the help of $110 Shark Air Purifiers, they were able to keep their home smelling fresh.

The anti-allergen air purifiers include six fans with a nano seal filter and an advanced odor lock for heavy-duty smells.

The lock promises to capture up to 99.97% of 0.3 microns from the air and protects against odors and fumes found in furniture, flooring, plants, and of course, pets.

Shyla explained that they swore by the Shark purifiers.

“We have three Shark air purifiers. One in the main downstairs area. One in the dogs ‘room’ in the pantry/laundry room area. One in our bedroom,” they wrote.

Although the purifiers were costly, Shyla thought it was well worth the investment.

“I understand it seems excessive and expensive but I actually think it’s helped the smell,” they said.

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“I wish I would have done it much sooner (they are all 11-12 years old and we’ve only had these for a year).”

For those without the means to purchase the purifiers, the experienced dog owner shared tips to air out the dog smell for little to no cost.

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“Some days we open windows to let the house ‘air out,'” they said.

“We also use Oxi-clean with odor blasters for dog blankets and our couch. We have a LoveSac couch that we are able to remove the covers from and clean.

“We’ve had it approximately 8 years and it was probably the single best purchase we made to keep it clean.”

Although the smell in their home was no longer a problem, one doggie obstacle proved far more difficult to get rid of.


They purchased three Shark air purifiers that kept doggy odors outCredit: Shark Ninja

“I have no clue what to do about the pet hair as we will probably be finding hair for years after they are gone,” they joked.

Fellow dog owners agreed that air purifiers were the key to keeping their home smelling purr-fect.

“Seconding air purifiers! I have cats and birds too in addition to my dog and I don’t know how I’d survive without a HEPA air purifier. Worth every penny,” said one commenter.

“I also have a robot vacuum for the fur and dust.”

“Another vote for air purifiers! We have an elderly cat who has lost her bladder control and is confined to one room in the house,” agreed another.

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“People are always shocked when we say we have a cat because there’s no smell. I’ve never noticed a dog smell either.

“We lost power for four days this month and let me assure you, the air purifiers are making a huge difference. The smell in the house (particularly the ‘cat room’) was… not great.”