'I would Afterpay a house if they let me.'

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“Buy now, pay later” (BNPL) services have become incredibly popular amongst young people, with many opting to select these services over traditional forms of credit such as credit cards. 

According to one analysis cited by NBC, “Consumers ages 35 and under comprise 53% of ‘buy now, pay later’ users but just 35% of traditional credit card holders.”

However, these services are not without their controversy. Users have warned that reliance on these services can quickly get one into debt, which can affect future attempts to take out credit.

Additionally, many users have discussed using services like Klarna and AfterPay for relatively minor purchases, a move that occasionally riles up controversy. One user showed how easy it was to AfterPay a pizza order; another said she used it to purchase Skims—a payment she did not plan to actually complete.

Now, a user on TikTok has inspired discussion after showing just how many people are using BNPL services to finance food purchases.

In a clip with over 145,000 views, TikTok user Stefannie (@nosybystanders) shows several X (formerly Twitter) users revealing the various things they’ve put on AfterPay.

“Now, I know times are tough and gas is high, but to afterpay $11 worth of tacos is crazy,” the TikToker says at the beginning of the video. As it progresses, she documents several more unbelievable AfterPay purchases. These range from Uber Eats orders to Raising Cane’s deliveries.

“A lot of people are stating they were using Klarna and AfterPay to DoorDash their fast food,” explains the TikToker. “Now, I saw another person who had posted that they use Klarna for their groceries, which actually makes more sense, because using Klarna for groceries means that they’ll last a little bit longer.”

In an email to the Daily Dot, Stefannie noted that, while she has used BNPL services in the past, she does not use them presently.

“With the current economy, I don’t think it’s an issue to use it for small purchases,” she said in an email. “It has helped people buy groceries and other necessities.”

@nosybystanders #greenscreen yall putting #taco on #layaway ♬ original sound – 💫NOSY💫

Commenters shared in the TikToker’s disbelief at the various items people purchased with BNPL services. That said, many also confessed to doing the same thing.

“I use klarna for groceries on Instacart…not because I can’t pay it but if I can pay less at the moment imma do it lol,” said a user.

“they’re so real for this.. i wish klarna & afterpay went towards your credit bc id have a 800 score,” shared another.

“I would Afterpay a house if they let me,” declared a third.

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*First Published: Mar 27, 2024, 1:00 am CDT

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