Keke Palmer Interested In Real Estate After Becoming A Mother

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Keke Palmer is sharing how she’s reevaluated her financial management after birthing her 1-year-old son Leodis.

Keke Palmer has developed an interest in real estate since welcoming her son last year. Speaking with Pop Sugar about her Cash App partnership, the “Nope” star explained how she’s had to reevaluate her financial management after birthing her 1-year-old son Leodis.

“For me, all of it is some form of a gamble, but I’m constantly thinking about things that either can make me money back or that I can leave for my son,” she says. “When you have a child, you start thinking about wills, so I’ve been much more into real estate.”

The multifaceted TV/movie/music star and producer has since moved in with her sister and her three children to cut costs while looking into ways to invest her money.

“So I’m always like, what can I leave behind? What can I share? How can I keep things in our name? How can we have things for a long time that are going to increase in value as opposed to decrease?” Palmer explained.

Growing up a child star, Palmer learned about financial management early on but didn’t realize how unhealthy her attachment to money was until she was 18 and her Nickleodeon sitcom “True Jackson, VP” came to an end.

“I felt like a 60-year-old white man that no longer is the CEO of a major company,” she recalled. “I felt like my identity was shattered. I was always really successful and money was never an issue for me, and then here it was that money was an issue.”

Palmer is an advocate for multiple revenue streams and remains committed to educating others on the importance of financial literacy.

“I want to see us continue to grow economically as a country and for us to maintain ourselves,” she said. “So we gotta start thinking about how to give more financial literacy and economic understanding, so people can know how money works, where it’s coming from, how we’re doing it.”

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