Aaron Rodgers retirement: QB reveals his decision timeline

Aaron Rodgers revealed when he plans to announce his retirement decision on a recent podcast appearance.

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Some thought that when it was announced that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers would appear on Aubrey Marcus’s podcast on Wednesday morning that his decision would be announced.

Instead, most of the conversation focused on the experience Rodgers had while taking part in a darkness retreat.

While Rodgers did not make a formal announcement about his retirement, there was plenty of discussion surrounding the idea of retirement and how he wrestled with the choice and the emotions that come along with it while he was in the dark. To me, it sounds like he’s leaning toward retirement (which would make a Brandon Marshall Instagram post make a whole lot more sense) but his words are entirely up for interpretation.

He did give a little more clarity on when we should expect a decision, though.

Aaron Rodgers lets the world know when he plans to announce his retirement decision

Rodgers actually compared his decision to Favre’s in 2008, when Favre retired and decided late in the offseason he wanted to come back.

He said that what he learned from observing that situation is that making the decision earlier is important to him. “For everybody involved directly and indirectly, it’s best for a decision earlier,” Rodgers said. “I feel really good about the conversations that are going to be had, that have been had with important people in my life.”

Also, if he does retire, he doesn’t expect to change his mind, like Favre and Tom Brady previously have. “There’s a finality to the decision. I don’t make it lightly. I don’t want to drag anybody around. I’m answering questions about it because I got asked about it.”

And finally, on the timeline of it all, he hinted that the decision will be made soon:

“I’ll make the decision soon enough and we’ll go down that road. I’ll be really excited about it.”

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