‘F—ing Suicide’: Trump Mocked for Proposing China Trade War

Appearing to confess frustration, far-right Republican governor Ron DeSantis says he is remaking Florida’s education system because even after turning the state’s Democratic Party into a “rotten carcass on the side of the street,” the left “can still impose their agenda on my people.”

That “agenda,” apparently includes so-called Critical Race Theory (CRT), Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG), and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs, according to far-right Fox News host Mark Levin who told the Florida governor the right is “in a culture war.”

“We didn’t start it,” Levin told DeSantis. “But what I call the Marxist left, they started it. It is devouring our institutions. It is devouring our politics. It’s devouring the private sector.”

DeSantis did not disagree.

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As he uses the power of his office to pave the road for a likely 2024 run for the White House, DeSantis has not gone unnoticed. He has been accused of being “an Honest-to-God Semi-Fascist,” turning Florida into “a laboratory for fascism,” running his state “like a fascist,” and being a “fascist for our time” and a “one-man civil rights wrecking ball, determined to neutralize any group that doesn’t conform to his dangerously narrow view of social order.”

All those accusations were before his Sunday night Fox News interview with Levin, who warned that “in the classrooms” there is “the sexualizing of little kids.” Levin also said, “Disney, Walt Disney has to be rolling in his grave right now what’s happened to Disneyland and Disney World and these other events in the culture.”

Asked why he decided to take “the lead in taking this on as far as governors go,” DeSantis bragged, “I got reelected November 2022. Largest vote than any Republican governor [in] Florida history has got, largest vote margin any governor candidates ever got. 1.5 million votes.”

“I can win by 1.5 million votes. Make the Democratic Party in our state, basically, a rotten carcass on the side of the street. And yet, the left can still impose their agenda on my people if I’m not looking after fighting ESG and other woke companies and some of the stuff going on in the universities and the schools.”

And so I think I have an understanding that these fights are far broader than just one particular election. Yes, you do have to fight the woke in the halls of government and in the legislative chambers, and we have super majorities as Republicans in Florida so we will win all those fights, but you also have to be willing to defend your folks against this agenda being shoved down their throat from all these other institutions, where these people aren’t necessarily coming up for election.”

DeSantis has infamously veered into pushing his supporters into local school board positions of power.

“So you talk about things with like the young kids and with Disney, and I see that not just through the eyes of a governor but also through the eyes of a dad,” DeSantis continued. “You know, we have a six, a four, and a two-year old at home. And we just believe as parents, we should be able to send our kids to school, have them watch cartoons without having somebody’s sexual agenda shoved down their throats.”

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“And so when this issue came up, with the sexualization of the curriculum, of course in Florida, we think that that’s inappropriate. And you know what? Republican, Democrat, Independent parents agree with us overwhelmingly.”

That’s debatable. In October Florida Politics reported, “Majorities oppose Ron DeSantis-backed ‘Stop WOKE’ and parental rights laws,” including his “Don’t Say Gay” law.

In January, a study by UCLA School of Law’s Williams Institute found a large percentage of LGBTQ parents say they are concerned their families will be negatively impacted by DeSantis’ laws, including HB 1557, the “Don’t Say Gay” law – with some saying they already have been.

“Almost 9 out of 10 (88%) LGBTQ+ parents are very or somewhat concerned about the impact that HB 1557 will have on them and their children, with one in four reporting they have experienced anti-LGBTQ harassment since the law was passed and one in five reporting becoming less out in their communities since the law was passed. Parents have considered a variety of coping strategies in response to the bill, including moving out of the state (56%) and moving their children to a different school (11%). Over 16% of LGBTQ parents have already taken steps to move their families to another state.”

Watch a short clip or the full interview below or at this link.

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