JFDZ investments reached JD2.28b at year-end 2022

AMMAN — The Jordan Free and Development Zones Group (JFDZ) investments were estimated at a value of JD2.280 billion by the end of 2022, while the group’s trade volume amounted to some JD4.5 billion.

According to JFDZ data received by the Jordan News Agency, Petra, group trade movement showed that exports amounted to JD2.230 billion, while imports amounted to JD2.260 billion.

A total of 3,000 people invest in JFDZ businesses in the trade, industry and services sectors, which employ about 29,000 workers. The group’s total investment contracts stand at 2,830, the figures revealed.

Meanwhile, revenue generated from customs and vehicle licensing fees in 2022 were estimated at about JD400 million, the data indicated.

Based on pillars of the group’s strategy for 2022-2024 and its action programmes, a number of developments were made in terms of improving infrastructure services and launching vital projects in the free estates.

In this regard, a water desalination plant was established in the Zarqa Free Zone, in addition to a rainwater drainage channel, a solar energy project for buildings and the development of a safe retail system. 

In addition, 16 new warehouses were launched within the Queen Alia International Airport free zone to meet the increasing investment demand.

In terms of information technology, several e-services were launched to help investors process transactions remotely with “high quality and accuracy”, and measures were taken to enhance security and property safety systems in the free zones, as an advanced video surveillance system was launched at a cost of nearly JD850,000.