Olivia Munn Is So Rich Thanks to a Ton of Genius Investments

These days (wow, have never sounded more ancient), actors typically make their money in two major ways:

  1. From whatever network/studio is employing them, and
  2. From Instagram spon-con.

Like, Joe Jonas isn’t out here endorsing Xeomin because they aren’t paying him well, ya know? But some celebrities who are especially savvy make even more money than their famous peers by making smart investments. (A skill most of us didn’t get taught in school because we were too busy learning about random old white men throughout history, but it’s fine, I’m not bitter!) And yeah, Olivia Munn definitely falls into this second category of actors who are taking things to another level of $$$.

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While she’s obviously made a lot through endorsements and movie/TV paychecks, Olivia Munn has a reported net worth of $15 million, in part because of straight-up skill when it comes to finances. By which I mean….

She’s Made a Ton of Genius Investments

So Olivia has casually invested in some of the most major startups of the past several years. She was an early investor in Uber and Wag (she’s also their creative strategist, no bigs), not to mention Vital Proteins.

“When Uber was brought to me, I didn’t know what it was,” Olivia told Forbes back in 2019. “I like to go towards brands I feel are disruptive or are creating a new space. The problem isn’t aiming high and missing, it’s aiming low and hitting. If you keep aiming low you will stay down there. But if you keep aiming high you will eventually get it.”

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Serena Williams And Olivia Munn On The Companies They Like To Invest In | Forbes

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Olivia also noted that “When you get to have more of an ownership in what you put your face and brand on, the more comfortable you get.”

BRB, filing this advice away for the future!

She’s Obviously Made a Lot Through Acting

One of Olivia’s earliest major gigs was on The Daily Show—and while there’s no info about how much correspondents make, we do know that Comedy Central paid a lot to Trevor Noah and Jon Stewart over the years so…hopefully Olivia also made a fair amount? Anyway, since The Daily Show, Olivia has been steadily earning income through movies like Office Christmas Party and Magic Mike, though she’s probably most famous for starring in Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom.

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Olivia Munn in ‘Newsroom’ ; Season 1 , Ep. 2

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Her List of Endorsements Is Extensive

Aside from working with Microsoft to promote our future AI Overlord, Bing, back in the day (help), Celebrity Net Worth reports that Olivia has inked deals with Nike, Neutrogena, and Pepsi—not to mention been the face of Proactive, which is a BIG one. We don’t know exactly what Olivia was paid, but the brand forked over $3 million to Justin Bieber and Jessica Simpson for their deals, according to Reuters, and almost as much to Avril Lavigne and Katy Perry.

Olivia Also Makes a Ton as a Landlord

Celebrity Net Worth reports that Olivia dropped almost $1 million on a Los Angeles home in 2009, which she listed for rent last summer, asking—get this—$18,000 per month. Like, imagine your side source of income being $18K a month. I’m not okay!!!

Anyway, congrats to Olivia on absolutely killing it.