Warren Buffett Says You Can Increase Your Worth By 50% By Doing This: 'All The Brainpower In The World' Is Useless Without It

Want to increase your worth by at least 50%? If so, billionaire Warren Buffett has just the tip for you. 

What To Know: Berkshire Hathaway Inc (NYSE: BRK-A) (NYSE: BRK-B) chairman and CEO Buffett once said that improving communication is a simple way to boost one’s worth.

“The one easy way to become worth 50% more than you are now, at least, is to hone your communication skills — both written and verbal,” the legendary investor said in a LinkedIn video, according to a CNBC report

“If you can’t communicate, it’s like winking at a girl in the dark — nothing happens. You can have all the brainpower in the world, but you have to be able to transmit it,” he added.

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Buffett had trouble with communication in his younger days, and if it weren’t for a $100 college course, he probably wouldn’t be where he is today.

The “Oracle of Omaha” had an extreme fear of public speaking in his teenage years. In his early college days, he would only sign up for classes where he knew he wouldn’t have to present in front of the room, per a separate report

He owes much of his own success to a public speaking course that he enrolled in shortly after graduating from Columbia’s Business School.

Before taking the class, he “would literally throw up” when thinking about speaking in front of others. By the time he finished the 12-week course, he was much more comfortable with his communication skills.

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“I just kept doing it, and now you can’t stop me from talking,” Buffett said. 

According to Forbes, Buffett is the sixth-richest person in the world, with an estimated net worth of $105.7 billion at the time of publication. His fund has historically outperformed the S&P 500, averaging close to a 12% annual return over the last 10 years. 

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