3 Energy Stocks to Buy Now for Life-Changing Returns

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The top energy stocks for high returns are undoubtedly clean and renewable names. Most fossil fuel companies have topped out in terms of growth potential and are now generating cash and paying dividends to shareholders. Except for a few under-the-radar bets, companies involved in oil, natural gas or coal are unlikely to deliver life-changing gains. On the other hand, even well-established renewable energy companies are far from peaking. Most countries have a long way to go in transitioning towards clean energy, and there is tremendous growth potential to tap into. Plus, governments worldwide are well-invested in clean energy with generous subsidies and tax cuts. This will eventually translate into renewable energy sources beating their fossil fuel counterparts in both cost and reliability. Thus, let’s look at the following three top energy stocks for high returns:

These top energy stocks for high returns have tremendous growth potential in the coming years due to industry tailwinds.More From InvestorPlace

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