Alcoholism war ruse to kill legal trade— Murang'a bar owners

  • The traders said the process was flawed and that the fight against alcoholism had been turned into a fight against legitimate business people.
  • They rejected a Sh10,000 charged imposed on appeals saying it was illegal and threatened to go to court if their plight is not addressed.


The fight against alcoholism championed by the Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has taken a turn in Murang’a after thousands of bar operators demanded to have closed-down bars re-licensed.

The operators who met County and National government officials in Murang’a town said the process was flawed and that their outlets were unfairly closed down.

Led by Bar, Hotels and Liqour Traders Association chairperson Simon Njoroge, the bar operators both approved and unapproved stood in solidarity demanding fairness.

They said the closure of their outlets had put them at a disadvantage and put thousands of their workers out of work.

Last week, Murang’a County government approved only 1,032 liqour outlets out of the 2,971 that had applied for licenses.

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