As the market starts to cool down, Cramer says don't be afraid to stay bullish

CNBC’s Jim Cramer told investors on Friday to stay bullish going into the week ahead, even as the market starts to cool down.

After a surprisingly painless debt ceiling resolution and a strong labor report, Cramer knows it’s tempting to see the next week as a “Goldilocks” situation, where everything seems to be working out just right. But he figures this grace period can’t last more than a week.

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“I don’t love a market where everybody’s now coming around to our bullish way of thinking because the market is now broadening away from the Magnificent Seven,” he said, referring to the seven high-powered tech stocks that have consistently propped up the market this year. “I liked [the market] more yesterday than I do today because it’s higher, and that’s how you have to think.”

On Monday, Cramer will be watching Apple‘s Worldwide Developers Conference, where new products, ideas and software updates will be on display. He said investors should hold on to Apple stock, which hit a new 52-week high on Friday. Monday will also bring three analyst meetings for three major entities in the health sector: the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), Moderna and Merck. Tuesday is another big day for pharmaceuticals, with another ASCO-related event in tandem with Bristol-Myers.

Restaurant giant Brinker — which owns popular chains Darden and Chipotle — will also have its analyst meeting next week, and Cramer predicts major success in the company’s future as food costs start to go down.

With rumors swirling about China’s attempts to jumpstart its economy, Cramer suggests that investors keep their eyes on Nio, the Chinese car company and major Tesla rival, which he thinks could pop and be a major selling opportunity.

Cramer’s bottom line is to stay bullish, as he believes the Fed won’t drastically raise rates at its next meeting.

“We are not going to overstay our bullish welcome mat because others are stomping on it,” Cramer said. “Just when we saw and predicted that the market would go from narrow to broad, and when that happens, and everybody’s in your boat, it’s time to say goodbye.”

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