Cristiano Ronaldo contemplates emulating Lionel Messi: Superstar discloses post-retirement plans


The possible retirement of Cristiano Ronaldo would be a major blow to the sport. The Portuguese veteran has now discussed about when he intends to hang his boots and what he has planned for the future.

© Yasser Bakhsh & Julian Finney/Getty ImagesCristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

One of the most famous footballers of our time, Cristiano Ronaldo has been at the top of his game for almost twenty years. He has broken all kinds of records on both the club and international levels because of his extraordinary talent, extraordinary physical ability, and persistent desire.

Recent speculation about the Portuguese superstar, though, suggests that his spectacular career may be winding down. The possible retirement of Cristiano Ronaldo would be a huge blow to the sport.

His legacy in the sport of football will be celebrated and remembered no matter what he decides to do next: try something new, make a different kind of contribution, or just take some much-needed time off. Fans all across the globe are watching with bated breath as Ronaldo has finally disclosed his post-footballing intentions.

What does Cristiano Ronaldo want to do after hanging up his boots?

The possible retirement of the Portuguese superstar has been the subject of much speculation. However, the 38-year-old veteran, who has no immediate intentions to retire, says he has at least another two or three years of football left in him.

I don’t rule out becoming a club owner. It’s something I thought about a few years back. I probably would like to own a [football] club. I’m at the end of my career, two to three years maximum.

“I want to do many things [after I retire]. I want to continue managing my business area. But I want to do something related to football. I have two or three things on my mind, but I prefer not to say now,” he spoke to media in Madrid at a press conference for his new bottled water company.

Ronaldo could want to take a page out of Lionel Messi‘s future plans and buy a club. The Argentine will have the option to purchase a share and become a part owner of a Major League Soccer franchise when his playing days are done, as per The Athletic. The MLS accomplished this in 2007 when David Beckham signed with the Los Angeles Galaxy.