Darien Selectmen To Consider Policy For Flood-Related investments

DARIEN, CT — The Darien Board of Selectmen next week will consider a policy for flood-related investments.

The public portion of the selectmen meeting is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. on June 5.

Flooding has become an increasing problem for not only Darien but other coastal communities that have experienced significant rain events in recent years.

According to the draft policy, the purpose is “to provide a framework for investments in flood-related infrastructure projects.”

There are several key principles outlined in the draft policy, such as maintenance, a holistic approach, investment objectives, funding, efficiency, and communication.

On maintenance, the draft policy says the town “will continue to diligently maintain its drainage and flood-related infrastructure, including culverts, flood walls, pipes, drains, levees, and other such assets.”

A holistic approach means the town “will ensure that all flooding infrastructure decisions are based on expert evaluations that consider the full scope of the flooding challenge.”

Additionally, “the town will strive to keep its perspectives on flooding problems up to date, pursuing new studies when warranted.”

With regards to funding, the draft policy states the town will proactively seek alternative funding sources for flood-related infrastructure, including federal and state grant opportunities and local business cost-sharing arrangements.

The draft policy also states that Darien will strive for transparency in ongoing flooding and stormwater management decisions through regular board of selectmen updates, comprehensive public outreach through the media and social media, and active inclusion of affected property owners.

The draft policy can be viewed within the agenda packet for the June 5 Darien Board of Selectmen meeting. The meeting will be held in person at Darien Town Hall and streamed online and on Darien TV 79.