Elon Musk’s Dogecoin Drama: Accusations of Insider Trading Rock the Cryptocurrency World

Renowned entrepreneur and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is facing allegations of insider trading in a proposed class action lawsuit brought by investors. The lawsuit claims that Musk manipulated the price of the popular cryptocurrency Dogecoin, resulting in significant financial losses for the investors involved. Accusations include the use of Twitter posts, paid online influencers, his appearance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, and other attention-grabbing tactics to trade profitably at the expense of investors. dogecoin.

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Background and Allegations

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, is now facing a proposed class action lawsuit where investors accuse him of insider trading in relation to the cryptocurrency Dogecoin. According to the investors, Musk allegedly manipulated the price of Dogecoin, resulting in significant financial losses for them.

In a filing made in Manhattan federal court on Wednesday night, the investors claim that Musk utilized various tactics, including Twitter posts, paid online influencers, his appearance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live in 2021, and other attention-grabbing “publicity stunts” to trade profitably at their expense. They further allege that Musk controlled several Dogecoin wallets either personally or through Tesla.

One specific incident highlighted in the lawsuit involves Musk’s sale of approximately $124 million worth of Dogecoin in April. The investors claim that Musk’s decision to replace Twitter’s blue bird logo with Dogecoin’s shiba inu dog logo led to a 30% surge in Dogecoin’s price, allowing him to profit from the subsequent increase.

The investors assert that Musk engaged in a “deliberate course of carnival barking, market manipulation, and insider trading” to deceive investors and promote himself and his companies.

Elon Musk’s Influence and the Alleged Manipulation

Elon Musk, who acquired Twitter in October last year, holds influential positions as the CEO of Tesla and the head of SpaceX, a prominent rocket and spacecraft manufacturer. The investors claim that Musk leveraged his immense social media following and public persona to manipulate the price of Dogecoin.

Musk’s tweets have been known to have a significant impact on cryptocurrency markets, as he has previously shown support for Bitcoin and Dogecoin through his Twitter account. However, investors argue that Musk’s actions went beyond the mere expression of opinion and amounted to intentional manipulation of the market to his advantage.

They contend that Musk’s involvement in paid promotions with online influencers and his appearance on Saturday Night Live was part of a calculated strategy to drive up Dogecoin’s price artificially. The investors allege that this created an environment where they suffered substantial financial losses as a result of the subsequent crash in Dogecoin’s value.

Legal Developments and Responses

In response to the allegations, Alex Spiro, a lawyer representing Musk and Tesla, declined to comment. The lawyer representing the investors did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Musk and Tesla previously sought the dismissal of the second amended complaint in March, dismissing it as a “fanciful work of fiction.” On May 26, they argued against another amendment to the lawsuit. However, in a recent order, US District Judge Alvin Hellerstein indicated that he would likely allow the proposed third amended complaint, suggesting that the defendants would not likely be prejudiced.

This ongoing lawsuit, which was initiated in June of the previous year, highlights the growing scrutiny surrounding the influence of high-profile individuals, such as Musk, in the cryptocurrency market. As one of the wealthiest individuals globally, Musk’s actions and statements continue to draw significant attention and raise important questions about the potential impact on investors and the overall integrity of the market.


The class action lawsuit against Elon Musk alleges insider trading in relation to Dogecoin. The investors claim that Musk used various means, including social media, influencers, and TV appearances, to manipulate Dogecoin’s price for personal gain, resulting in significant losses for them. As the legal proceedings unfold, it remains to be seen how this case will impact Musk’s reputation and the broader discussion around the regulation of cryptocurrency markets.

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