Eric Bischoff: Goldberg Retirement Could Be Great Or A “F*****g Disaster”


The rumored retirement tour of Bill Goldberg could either be a fantastic swansong to his career or a “f***ing disaster” according to Eric Bischoff.

Goldberg has been open about his plans for one final match, or a series of matches culminating in his retirement, ever since his WWE contract expired last year.


On the latest “83 Weeks,” Bischoff predicted that Goldberg’s retirement tour could go one of two ways. He said,

“One scenario is he’s working with an established, credible, well-funded tour promoter and Bill’s got a roster of people that Bill likes being around and like being around Bill, and are anxious to do that tour, I think it could be fantastic.”

Bischoff said that he would travel to Jerusalem to see Goldberg’s final match, as Bill has spoken about the match happening in Israel.

The former RAW GM added that if Goldberg doesn’t work with an established promoter, his retirement could become a mess. He said,

“I think it could also be a f***ing nightmare and I wouldn’t go near it with a ten-foot pole, but that’s just me. The critical issue is does he have the right promoting partner?”

Earlier this week, former wrestler Ryback Reeves challenged Goldberg to a retirement match.

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