Hot Presales: Wall Street Memes Presale Hype A Lesson For DogeMiyagi And AI Doge

The introduction of meme coins into cryptocurrency has almost the same effect that Bitcoin had on the financial market. Practically overnight, the coins grew in popularity on the wider market, gathering communities of an incredible magnitude. But, this did not start only on the large market, instead, it began at a vital step of every meme coin’s lifecycle – the presale. 

Presales give investors a chance to have a feel of the coin and its capabilities, along with also allowing these meme coins a chance to have proper liquidity through their investments. Presales give meme coins the opportunity to build its foundational ground to go into the market strong with a great community. 

There are currently a plethora of presales making their impact on the market and trying to build a good investment foundation. Some of these are slow but others have caught a lot of momentum in recent weeks. One particular presale is Wall Street Memes, which has already hit a milestone of over $2 million just a week after going live. For coins like DogeMiyagi and AI Doge, the efforts of this achievement are something to constantly keep in mind. 

Wall Street Memes: On The Road To Historic Milestones

Wall Street Memes is the next to enter a long line of meme coin presales looking to be the next big thing and by the looks of its presale performance, it seems to be on the right track. Taking off at the end of May, with its low prices and lucrative nature, it has brought countless investors to their door. It has a 30 stage presale which aims to test the faith of investors. 

It has already raised over $2 million in the space of a week and has attracted the attention of prominent personalities like Elon Musk. It has become extremely loud on social media with regular posts. Its popularity seems to be a result of its bold posting that pokes fun at other coins, in addition to being supported by established crypto influencers. 

Altogether, in this presale, there is a lot of potential for success because of the support that it has gotten and the hype surrounding it. 

AI Doge: The Next-Generation Meme Coin

Dogs are all the range in meme coins, but have you heard of one that is AI related? AI Doge is a next generation meme platform because it is the first of its kind to allow users to generate memes using state of the art artificial intelligence technology, which can then be used to earn crypto based on the meme’s popularity. 

AI Doge, much like Wall Street Memes, has created a loud presence on social media, which is catching the attention of investors. By sharing its achievements and milestones, people become driven to invest in something they feel will be worthwhile. This has led the presale to already raise more than $10 million. 

In addition to being vocal about their achievements, it has brought about a new era – meme-to-earn – which is an incentive that many can be excited about and is already a hit in the wider market. This becomes a good sign of their potential success that all investors look for in a project. 

DogeMiyagi: Newly Moulded Potential

DogeMiyagi is next in line for meme coin success, based on its incredible growth and fun-loving concept. Inspired by the Karate Kid series, it aims to create a sense of community through connecting like-minded people. In doing so, it forms the foundation for a successful future. 

Much like Wall Street Memes, DogeMiyagi is also very vocal on their social media, releasing news about competitions, milestones and partnerships, which speaks to its growth and motivates more people to invest in the coin. This also tracks the coin’s potential for further growth, which is an important factor for all investors. 

Additionally, one other presale perk that attracts investors here is the referral system which allows both the owner and user to get a deposit of tokens into their account. This gives them the necessary backing to start operating on the platform. 

Can Presales Stay Hot?

Taking a lesson from Wall Street memes and AI Doge, DogeMiyagi needs the right amount of vocality and presence as the key to its success. What is vital is getting your name out there and making sure investors know who you are, what you do and what you can give them. This is also why presales are essential, as it allows investors to get a taste of the project and get connected with it from the very beginning.

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