Iranian president rips US sanctions

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi railed against U.S. sanctions at a joint appearance with Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega on Tuesday.

Raisi is taking his first trip to Latin America to visit key allies in the region. Before visiting Nicaragua Tuesday, he visited Venezuela and plans to stop in Cuba next. 

“The United States wanted to paralyze our people with threats and sanctions, but it hasn’t been able to do it,” Raisi said at a joint speaking engagement with Ortega. 

Iran faces sweeping sanctions by the United States that has reportedly caused significant damage to its economy. Many of the sanctions are related to Iran’s alleged human rights abuses, its crackdown on protestors and free speech and its connection to Russia in the war against Ukraine. 

The United States has accused Iran of supplying Russia with drones and materials to build a drone manufacturing plant to ensure the continued flow of weapons as Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine, the Associated Press reported. 

Raisi’s visit comes as tension with the United States continue to rise.

Nicaragua and Venezuela also face U.S. sanctions. 

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