Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Saturday 3 June – DeeLance, TRON, Avalanche

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 The global crypto market improved by 0.53% today as its total market capitalization rose to $1.15 trillion. It is an improvement against what was published in our last next cryptocurrency to explode for Friday.

The market’s trading volume, however, dropped by 11.74% over the last 24 hours. The total trade value is currently at $26.39 billion. The decentralized finance sector currently has a trade volume of $2.18 billion. It amounts to 8.28% of the entire crypto market’s trading value in the last 24 hours. Stablecoins raked in $24.14 billion and that is 91.49% of the market’s trading value in 24 hours.

The Bitcoin market dominance also fell by 0.04% within the same time and is currently at 45.94%.

Domestic stock markets across the world ended on a weak note on Friday. This was primarily caused by fears of impending interest rate increments by the US Federal Reserve. Stock markets in the US, EU, and Japan especially experienced this. The spillover was inevitably felt in the crypto market. Nevertheless, there are a lot of crypto gainers in the market today as investors search for a safe haven to hedge against inflation. They make up our next cryptocurrency to explode listing for today.

The Next Cryptocurrency To Explode

In the midst of the global economic chaos, cryptocurrencies have been a reliable means of value storage and settlement. Arguments against the innovation have steadily gone lower as the years go by and economic realities stare hard at investors.

This is an analysis to help investors have an idea of where they might want to put their funds in the crypto space.

1. DeeLance (DLANCE)

The first on our list of the next cryptocurrency to explode is DeeLance. The platform is still having its presale to get early-stage investors for its native token, DLANCE. Selling at $0.038, the token has raised well over $1.2 million since the presale began. 

It is now 15 days to the end of the presale (ending on the 18th of June), and there is a lot more to be made. The next phase of DeeLance’s presale will have it selling at $0.043 while investors are excited to put in more funds.

Mises Browser, wrote on its Twitter page on Friday announcing that it has gone into partnership with DeeLance. Mises is the world’s first browser with the highest speed, security, and extension that supports mobile Web3 browsing. Although the full details of this new partnership are not available to the public yet, DeeLance merely retweeted it.

Followers who responded to the Twitter announcement from Mises shared the general opinion that DeeLance is making an incredible move. They see a partnership between a Web3 freelancing platform and a fast Web3 browser as the next big thing. They believe it makes the future of work more promising than ever before.

Now the freelancers and their employers will have a better Web3 platform and browser to work with, there are more reasons to invest in the DeeLance project. It is envisaged that the “DeeLance x Mises” partnership will boost investment.

DeeLance followed up its retweet of Mises’ announcement with a tweet of what sets its token, DLANCE, apart from the rest. The tweet listed its benefits including freelancing, Metaverse, and Blockchain. Other benefits are exploration, work and earn features, ongoing development, transparency, and token utility.

These are competitive factors that put DLANCE on a high pedestal and why investors should consider it. Undisputedly, it is the next big cryptocurrency to explode.

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The next cryptocurrency to explode under our radar now is TRON’s native cryptocurrency, TRX. This is especially so because of the recent strides the network is making. The founder, Justin Sun, announced via Twitter that the company has gone live on Ethereum’s blockchain. It is undoubtedly a significant step for the company and its token users.

Sun said in his tweet that the TRON network has broadened its scope. He said further that the platform is available on Ethereum through BitTorrent. After providing the contract address, he went on to say that TRX is fully accessible on Ethereum’s blockchain.

Going on to Ethereum’s blockchain indicates a giant stride for the TRON network. This works significantly well for the platform’s expansion and evolution. Ethereum is known for its position as the most frequently used blockchain. It is the base for a lot of important decentralized apps. Accommodating TRON in its system will give it a lot of exposure than it has had before now.

TRON is currently the chain with the second-largest Total Value Locked. It has assets worth up to $5.6 billion locked in its custody and spread through 22 protocols. This is according to information released by DeFiLlama. But when compared with Ethereum’s Total Value Locked, there is surely a lot more to be done. Ethereum has more than $27 billion worth of assets in its custody.
TRX’s liquidity is now envisaged to rise exponentially as a result of the development. Furthermore, the move is expected to aid TRON’s holistic growth in the decentralized finance sector.

Nevertheless, while TRON’s Total Value Locked and its protocol figures are on the impressive side, it still has a long way to go in comparison to its competitors. Some of those competitors are Polygon, Arbitrum, and BNB, leveraging 425, 346, and 606 protocols respectively.  

The latest move, however, shows that TRON is ready to step its game up. It shows that the network is focused on expansion and interoperability, important features in the increasingly evolving decentralized finance space. This is an encouragement and confidence-builder for investors to invest in the network now. TRX can be bought on eToro.

3. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA)

Ecoterra’s presale will end in a few how hours but it has successfully raised over $4.7 million through it. It has maintained its position as the next cryptocurrency to explode since its presale began because of its acceptance in the market. 

Once again, it is a platform that brings monetary benefits together with environmentally positive impacts. The latter is highly important to investors who have a thing for corporate social responsibilities. Its native crypto asset, ECOTERRA, has a wide range of use cases. 

The platform also has access to a global market via its four core pillars of what it considers beneficial to the ecosystem. First, it has the Ecoterra Carbon Offser Marketplace where carbon offsets are sold to be used. The second is the Recycle2Earn App where users engage and get committed to recycling. With community support and commitment, they earn rewards for waste recycling they engage in.

There is also a Marketplace for Recycled Materials. Users who have recycled waste materials can display their new products to be bought by other users of the marketplace. That will help the recycling activity complete its cycle. And finally, there is the Ecoterra Impact Profile as the platform’s final pillar. 

The concluding presale is terminating in the 7th stage at $0.0085. But it will be listed on crypto exchanges at $0.01. Investors are, thus, urged to look out for the asset on various exchanges when it launches as it holds a lot of promises. 

While the presale lasts for the next 7 hours as at the time of writing this article, visit Ecoterra.

4. 1inch Network (1INCH)

The next big cryptocurrency to explode now is 1INCH. It is currently trading at $0.3772 as it rose by 2.52% in the last 24 hours. Also, its trading volume in the last 24 hours amounts to $31.9 million.

The network shared its activity updates on its Twitter page today where it shared its progress for the past week. The first of them was the release of version 1.14 of the platform’s wallet for Android users. Furthermore, the 1inch Network integrated Arbitrum Exchange, Amaze Wallet, and CIAN Protocol. 

The announcement went ahead to say that the 1inch Network says it now aids swaps on MyEtherWallet and Encrypt. In the same week, 1inch says it burned 463.89 Ethereum tokens worth $894k.

Another important part of the announcement is that 1inch extended the deadline to submit stories for Bitcoin Pizza Day to the 5th of June. It was in the same week that the platform’s Evolution Art competition was concluded. With regard to events, 1inch said it was represented in Israel at the Crypto Conference by its co-founder, Anton Bukov. 

An important achievement for the platform during the week is that it was featured as one of the 5 leading Avalanche decentralized apps. This is because it has a unique and active wallet over a period of 30 days with over 218% increase. 

All these features and achievements secured in a week show that the 1inch Network is out to consolidate on its previous gains. And while consolidating, it is opening up new frontiers with fresh partnerships. This new dimension will require investors to push it with their investments. 1inch looks forward to conquering more decentralized finance space with innovations. Investors should look out for ways to invest in the next cryptocurrency to explode on the eToro website. 

5. yPredict (YPRED)

yPredict still has 15 days to the end of its presale and it has raised more than $2 million since the beginning up to its current stage 6. Crypto analysts are of the opinion that its $6.5 million hard cap should be achieved before the end of the entire presale. Currently selling at $0.09, the optimism shared by observers is that the confidence level around the platform’s native coin, YPRED, will encourage more investors to buy in the coming days. 

yPredict is at the forefront of digital transformation and it has become a trailblazer in the crypto industry with its rapid fundraising way. The platform has achieved what only a few have done before it. 

yPredict promises to deliver a venture capital kind of analytical statistics to retailers. It is, therefore, not only breaking existing records, it is now creating new ones entirely. What the presale has raised so far is impressive and the next point to capture is $2.9 million.

yPredict is about to cause a huge AI revolution in the industry with its app. The AI-centered app attracts investors throughout the globe, hence, driving more rapid growth.

yPredict’s innovative genius is in its bringing crypto trading and artificial intelligence together on one platform. It was developed by Machine Learning experts to use artificial intelligence for smart data analysis. It is able to give insights to retail traders as they trade. This mechanism lets traders identify trends early in their trading activities. It will further enable them to make decisions that will maximize their returns.

yPredict’s artificial intelligence does not end its work at predicting trends. It goes ahead to provide tools like signals, pattern recognition, breakouts, and analysis from news and other sources.

These innovations and what else yPredict is set to achieve in the future all come together to make it the next cryptocurrency to explode. YPRED will also gain more utility and wider relevance in the crypto space as time goes on. This is guaranteed by the wider adoption of artificial intelligence in every sphere of technological and economic development. Investors should get into buying before the presale is over and the price jumps to $0.12.

Visit yPredict to buy some YPRED before the 18th of June.

6. Curve DAO Token (CRV)

There is a relatively neutral sentiment in the market around the Curve DAO Token. Nevertheless, it is the next cryptocurrency to explode because it is steadily building its strength in the background. Another great news is that the Fear & Greed index around the coin is also neutral. The most important level to watch out for is the $0.91 resistance level.

There are lots of indicators signaling a bullish turn for the platform’s native token, CRV. The Relative Strength Index of the CRV token is presently at 50.96, which suggests that it is neutral. The Relative Strength Index is an indicator that shows investors whether or not an asset is oversold or overbought.

CRV is currently trading comfortably above the 50-day Simple Moving Average. This indicates a bullish signal for the token. The token is also trading above the 200-day Simple Moving Average which equally shows that the market is bullish.

With the given analysis, one can conclude that CRV is steadily moving from neutral grounds into bullish territory. All it requires is a consistent push from investors and the sky will be its starting point. The next cryptocurrency to explode will give promise of solid future returns based on its gradual buildup to the stage. CRV has proven this and it has presented investors the opportunity to buy it at the eToro site. 

7. Neo (NEO)

The NEO token is currently trading at $10.58 as it has gained 2.27% for the day. The future looks exactly promising as the coin has been steadily winning for more than a month. Cumulatively, NEO has gained 7.25% over the course of a month. This strength puts it firmly in the category of the next cryptocurrency to explode. For today, NEO’s trade volume is $62.5 million.

The Neo platform is a decentralized platform built on the blockchain. It gives anyone the power to create their own blockchain products and services. The platform also offers an almost instant transaction process to its native token users.

Neo is usually compared with a platform like Ethereum as they both share similarities. Their similarities include their capacity to carry out operations and the tools they make available to users to create decentralized apps for different uses. Their tools can be used to create price markets and decentralized exchanges too.

Apart from the developer tools, Neo equally provides more tools for decentralized app users to get their apps powered by external data. The Neo system plays host to decentralized data storage, a system for digital identity that let users create tokens and oracle systems. That, therefore, creates a means to be complaints with KYC and AML.

These innovations created by Neo and the environment it creates for developers make it the darling of the crypto community. Developers can create tokens and other assets around their identities. Investors who like that kind of mechanism would want to look closely at Neo as it holds a lot of promise. They buy NEO assets on eToro.

8. Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche has just announced that it has hit a major milestone in its journey. It says it has achieved 1 million monthly users for the first time in its operation. The milestone was reached within one week after the AvaCloud platform got launched. The new AvaCloud is designed to allow developers to create their own subnets. Thus, it is the next big cryptocurrency to explode.  

With the Tradecurve presale going on on the platform, it might be looking forward to onboarding more than 100,000 users within three months after the project gets launched.

Launching AvaCloud has accelerated the growth of Avalanche as a platform. This is according to information released by Ava Labs which created the Avalanche blockchain. AvaCloud is a no-code platform used to launch custom blockchains generally known as subnets. These will be built right on Avalanche’s network.

Developers will be able to build their own customizable blockchains with these subnets. They will also be able to build decentralized applications with them too. Ava Labs founder and CEO, Gun Sirer, said developers can build their own chains as testnets within minutes and launch fully functional networks within weeks. He said all these can be done without hiring an extensive team of engineers.

When we review the value of the network’s native cryptocurrency, AVAX, for the 3rd of June, we will see it currently trades at $14.58 today. And it is currently up by 1.08% on the day. This was boosted in the last 24 hours due to the announcement that the platform hit 1 million monthly users.

Following the latest growth rate and activities around the token, the value of AVAX is expected to grow higher in the coming weeks and months. This is an invitation for investors to go in heavily and buy as much AVAX as they can as the price could hit the roof at any moment. eToro would be a good place for investors to check out the next cryptocurrency to explode.

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