Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Sunday 4 June – AiDoge, Terra Classic, Optimism

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A lot has changed since the updates shared in our next cryptocurrency to explode yesterday. The biggest news is that the market is relatively stable due to the Senate’s decision to pass the debt limit bill. However, it has not changed the facts that the times are truly unpredictable. Recent activities in the crypto market fulfill the prediction of a bear market.

And concerning the bear market, the coin market cap dropped by 0.17% over the last 24 hours to $1.14 trillion. The daily trading volume went from $26.39 billion yesterday to $19.37 billion within 24 hours. Practically, sending the volume down by over 34% in 24 hours. DeFi also dropped from $2.2 billion yesterday to $1.9 billion. Still trailing the negative trend, bitcoin outflows grossed $33 million in the last seven days, according to reports by Yahoo Finance. Ultimately, the total digital asset outflow across the board now sits slightly above $424 million over the past six weeks. 

Similarly, investors disagree with the prediction that Bitcoin might face a protracted bear market. The reason stems from a Bloomberg report showing that about 8% of professional investors confess their preference for Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, major crypto assets may weaken even further if this trend continues unabated. Binance announced an exit from Canada, and Okx is also set to take a bow from the largest country in North America. Yet, Kraken Exchange witnessed a 25% surge in deposits due to Binance and Okx’s purported exit from Canada. 

The Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Today

Despite the mixed trend in the market, many small-cap crypto assets still maintain positive performances. Avalanche, for example, added another 1% to its value in the last 24 hours. Terra Classic LUNC, WOO Network WOO, IOTA MIOTA, Optimism OP, and others are also revving momentum as the market takes off today. Today’s updates will take investors through another list of the next cryptos to explode.  Many coins have topped the chart for several weeks, and some newcomers are making the list. Our list of the next cryptocurrencies to explode today includes some seemingly hidden cryptos that investors may have yet to notice. Also, investors should watch out for some presale coins we’ve included below because they may become some of the most viral coins in the coming months.

AiDoge AI 

AiDoge is still on sale and on its way to becoming the next meme cryptocurrency to explode. Barely a few days after AiDoge achieved its hard cap, the platform has taken steps towards fulfilling its claim and launch projections. In an update on its official Twitter handle, it announced that it has now applied for a CoinMarketCap listing. The move will consequently open it up to immense launch potential. Probably reaching its all-time high in a matter of days. In addition, the AiDoge team conntinues to push for more sales via its social media platforms and a host of other media outlets.

Furthermore, in just four weeks of presale, the project amassed $14.6 million. Part of what makes the AI coin an investor’s delight is the leverage it draws from current trends in technology. It seems to benefit from the recent rave around artificial intelligence technology. Being an AI-driven meme generation platform, it blends artificial intelligence technology with blockchain technology. Ultimately, it accounts for the viral publicity it enjoys, as investors are more apt to invest in these two emerging sectors. 

However, AiDoge has demonstrated exceptional performances, especially in its presale launch. Its greatest feat so far is raising about $2 million in barely 72 hours of presale. As it progresses towards its claim and launch date 16 days from now, it might not come as a surprise if AI becomes the next cheap cryptocurrency to explode. We’re seeing clear signs that this might be the case.

Furthermore, the platform continues attracting more raving fans, which it calls the “AiDoge Army.” A community of meme lovers who anticipate the power of AI-driven meme creation platforms that support and reward users for having fun. As the team builds up toward its launch date, the platform invites investors on board. It offers different incentives, including a token purchase challenge. Currently, AiDoge sells for $0.0000336. That price might dramatically jump when the token hits the market. Visit AiDoge Presale.

Terra Classic LUNC

Terra Classic is up by 8%. What started as a settlement protocol in 2018 quickly became a major player in the small-cap market. As of yesterday, the coin traded at $0.00008. A price that places it very much above its 30-day highs. Today, however, it  pushes even further, bringing its price to a new high of $0.000092. If it continues at this pace, LUNC may set a new 30-day high, as it has already surpassed its 7-day high. There is no doubt that LUNC has a good chance of becoming the next cryptocurrency to explode

Furthermore, LUNA witnessed an increase in its trading volume as its 24-hour trading volume crossed $44,689,537. The growth of the coin may be fueled by its recent integration with Proposal 4717.

To put it in context, the Terra community recently proposed initiating a new protocol across the network. The project, which was named Alliance, will enhance cross-chain collaboration across Terra mainnet. As expected, Proposal 4717 received overwhelming support from LUNAtic, the community of LUNA holders. The Alliance protocol was fully integrated, and the ensuing activity seems to have contributed to the surge in price. Investors are optimistic that the Alliance protocol may likely expand the utility of LUNA. It, therefore, accounts for the recent growth in demand for LUNC. The demand might continue over the coming days, thereby, driving the price even higher. Buy Terra Classic LUNC on eToro

Launchpad XYZ – LPX

The Launchpad presale is still on. As it stands, presale investors speculate that this might become the next Pepe coin to explode. The project fills a wide gap in the web3 internet space, enhancing an easy transition from Web2 and optimizing access to P2E platforms. Not only that, Launchpad XYZ has promised to provide the much-needed help beginners in the crypto space need to make market decisions. 

Its database of curated blockchain projects and analytical tools will help fulfill its promise. In doing this, it creates immense utility for its native token, $LPX. Additional features like the Web3 gaming hub, metaverse library, DEX, and NFT exchange further strengthen the platform towards harvesting more users in the future. Investors should watch out for this coin as it could be the next big cryptocurrency in the coming years. 

Furthermore, Launchpad LPX plans to integrate an in-platform research suite and training programs for traders. It will attract a new category of users and spark more demand for its token. Investors are generally optimistic about Launchpad XYZ platforms. So far, it has raised over $850k in presale funding. Token holders have access to many benefits, including early access to product launches and offerings on the platform. Visit Launchpad XYZ Presale

Optimism OP

Today, we might be witnessing the much-anticipated comeback from the Optimism token, OP. The growing coin took a hit late last month after the platform announced the release of $587 million token in to the network. It led to a sharp drop in the price of OP. The pattern has been regular with OP, as the same happened in February of this year when 11 million OP tokens went to 300,000+ addresses. 

According to its program, it is set to release 4.7 billion coins over the years until 2026. It means that the boom and bust trend would continue until Optimism releases most of its locked tokens,  which is 67% of its total supply. The recent release sent the price from a high of $2+ to $1.3. The announcement of the token release triggered a bearish run across the market, resulting in sell-off.

The price drop earned Optimism a reputation as the second-biggest crypto drop among the top 100 coins on the market last month. However, the coin quickly recovers from the pressure as it has consistently maintained an upward trend over the last seven days, putting its price at $1.5 this morning. Investors should watch OP as it is one of the next cryptos to explode. For one, its trading volume grew to over 101 million compared to 90 million of yesterday. 

Generally, the proposed bedrock upgrade on June 6 will still push the price even further up as it will trigger more demand for OP. If that happens, there’s a prospect for a further increase in the value of OP in the coming days. The selling point of the initiative is that it cuts down transaction fees and increases security. With that, OP can win more demand over competitors, increasing prices. However, investors should note that the highly anticipated bedrock upgrade of June 6 would lead to a short downtime on the platform. Transactions, including deposits and withdrawals, would be suspended for the upgrade. It’s best to remember that there’s growing ferocity in the competition among layer 2 Ethereum platforms. Therefore, volatility could increase as much as utility.

WOO Network WOO

WOO was on an upward trend for most of last week. The liquidity coin experienced a surprising price movement that reached a 7-day high of $0.24, close to its 30-day high of $0.31. Given its recent performance, WOO may reach new highs in the coming days as activities around the token show signals of an unabated increase.

Generally, the WOO Network was designed to provide low-cost liquidity to traders, exchanges, DeFi platforms, and institutions. It aims at instituting democratized platforms for trading execution. Woo holders use the token for staking as well as fee discounts. Consequently, as we repeatedly see a trending digital asset outflow, we’ll witness extensive demand for the WOO token. 

WOO has no specific value for its maximum supply but has 1,698,285,327 coins in circulation. The only potential threat to the coin’s future value comes from its unspecified maximum supply, which keeps investors on edge about the coin. However, as of this moment, it’s still a valuable token and might become the next cryptocurrency to explode set to explode. The submission stems from investors’ hunt for passive income channels and broader means of staking cryptocurrencies.

Render Token RNDR

Render Network Utility has swung into full gear and should be on every investor’s watchlist for the next crypto to explode. These facts are evident as several platform use cases emerge across the private and commercial scales. Similarly, Render Token RNDR is gathering momentum on the market as its price climbs to $2.7, up from yesterday’s closing value of $2.6. Despite reducing the prices of cryptocurrencies across the board, RNDR continues to amass prices daily.

However, there are other reasons why we’re pointing out Render as a potential next cryptocurrency to explode. Its 30-day, 90-day, and 52-week highs show that it amassed some of its highest values within the last 30 days, at $2,899. It shows that we might see a breakout in the coming days if the token continues to pressure the resistance trendline.

On the other hand, there are speculations about the Apple VR headset coming to market on June 5. Apple’s partnership with Render has attracted the attention of crypto investors. The news has sparked investors’ interest in the Render Token as the Apple market would provide a huge customer base for the token. We might see a continuous upward trend in the RNDR value in the coming weeks due to a potential increase in the use case. 

Maker MKR

Maker Protocol has operated on the backend of Ethereum for quite some time now. Despite entering the market six years ago with a value that’s very much below $0.50, it has amassed over 3000% gains in its lifetime. As of today, MKR trades at $703 and has a 24-hour trading volume of $18,691,815. That resulted in a 5% increase in its value over the last 24 hours. MakerDAO could easily pass as the next big cryptocurrency to explode.

Generally, the MKR token serves as the MakerDAO and Maker Protocol native token. The platforms orchestrate the issuance and management of the DIA stablecoin, which accounts for its increasing value. However, the growth of DEX, DeFi, and NFTs across the Ethereum network created a growing utility for tokens like MKR, thereby increasing their demand. 

The recent inclusion of Project Andromeda, RWA015, as a new RWA vault type within the Maker Protocol helps consummate cross-platform transactions. The integration would increase the potential and relevance of the native token MKR. The first use case of RWA was by TACO in 2022. The only threat to the potential of RWA in the future is regulatory changes that limit the use of the initiative. However, as of now, policies that could foil the initiative must make headway in the parliament. Therefore, MakerDAO may continue gaining value for a couple of days. Buy Maker MKR on eToro.

Immutable X IMX

Immutable is up by 4% and is on its way to becoming one of the next cryptocurrencies to explode. Ultimately, it might continue its growth as signs are pointing to the possibility of a price increase. Immutable has been in a battle for its life over the past 30 days due to intensifying competition among layer two blockchain platforms. Its prices have hovered around the $0.7 to $0.8 mark. While this may be far from its 90-day high, it depicts improving performance across the network.

Immutable is the layer two scaling solution for NFTs across the Ethereum network. It enhances the large-scale creation, use, and distribution of assets like ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens across the network. The use case of the Immutable platform surfaced when Gods Unchained implemented meta-systems that were initially impossible on the Ethereum network. Similarly, other developers are deploying the platforms to scale their projects on the Ethereum blockchain. 

As for the growth in the price of its token, recent activities around the network, such as its partnership with Playfenix Games, are intensifying the coin’s utility. It is not the first partnership Immutable has entered. In May, the platform also entered into a partnership agreement with Polygon. Ultimately, there’s always some price improvement when crypto platforms establish agreements with other platforms to provide utility for their services. In that case, it’s relatively possible that the increase in the value of IMX over the coming months. Due to improving adoption, IMX might quickly become the next penny cryptocurrency to explode. Buy Immutable on eToro.

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