Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Sunday, June 11 – Ecoterra, Polygon, Conflux

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The market has not been friendly since our next cryptocurrency to explode yesterday. However, we’re beginning to see a ray of hope as the market is crawling back from its dip of the last 24 hours. The dip seems to result from the government’s moves towards regulating the crypto market.

The brief bull run experienced today lifted the global coin market cap by 1.5%. The market reached $1.06T. DeFi makes up 7.5% of the total transaction. Trading volume of cryptocurrencies hits $24.4 billion. Bitcoin is seeing its first gain of the week, as it’s up by 0.1%.

The market has been a blend of bulls and bears in the past few days. However, as the market braces up for a new week, there is a positive surge in prices.

The Next Cryptocurrency to Explode

Investors are tending towards small-cap coins as major coins have embarked on a protracted bull market over the past few weeks. Conflux, for example, saw a price movement, which may have resulted from the influx of investors looking to hedge their funds. Presale coins are also witnessing an increase in purchases as investors are also looking at recovering their losses by keying into projects that have the potential to become the next cryptocurrency to explode. Below are some of the cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on as they are showing a steady upward trend.

1. Polygon MATIC

Polygon MATIC has been in the news lately. First for its sudden price gains in the past few weeks. The price of MATIC has climbed compared to other coins in its category. However, it faced a sudden drop in price when the SEC cracked down on the likes of Binance and Coinbase. Market sentiment also changed towards the coin after the public caught wind that it would lose its place on the Robinhood exchange and that it was now named a security by the SEC. The price fell to a point that was last seen in 2022.

However, signals show that the downward pressure experienced by the coin in the past week won’t last as the bulls have swung in to scoop up the excess liquidity that entered the market. As of this morning, we’ve seen an 11% gain in the value of the coin, and chances are that the coin will continue to enjoy price gains over the next few weeks. There are speculations that the price of MATIC might double if it continues at its current pace. Can MATIC become the next penny cryptocurrency to explode? Buy MATIC on, eToro 


ChitCAT entered the public eye earlier this month when it compounded its exponential growth. The blockchain-based communication dApp that was launched on May 12 continued to grow in the background without much publicity. However, in the past seven days, it suddenly went off with a growth rate that went in excess of 33%. As of today, its total percentage gain over the lifetime of the coin has exceeded 320%.

ChitCAT continues its growth, having amassed another 11% gain in the last 24 hours. ChitCAT’s growth is fueled by the dual nature of the coin. First, it’s in the namecoin category. This category has enjoyed disproportionate praise from a community of meme lovers who favour coins in this category. Secondly, it’s providing a unique utility that could become a staple of the blockchain in the coming years.

The platform provides decentralised communications solutions to CHITCAT holders, which allow holders to send messages across the network using coin addresses. ChitCAT is planning to expand the range of communications to include video calls, voice calls, and other communication media. With that, it’ll be competing with the likes of Twitter and other social media players. It’s likely we’re witnessing the next cryptocurrency explosion. However, the token still has a long way to go. According to information shared on its official Twitter page, it just crossed 3,000 coin holders and is still growing. Investors might want to keep an eye on this coin, as it is not relenting in its growth.

3. ApeCoin APE

Recently, ApeCoin started a downward trend that got many coin investors worried. As one of the pioneer meme coins, it enjoyed the rave and price growth that put its all-time high at $23, but the market downturn of 2022 sent its price into a downward spiral that saw over 90% of its value washed down the drain. Its nightmare has continued to abate until recently, when it started signalling recovery.

Despite the plight of the ApeCoin, recent indicators show that APE might be consolidating and see some recovery in the coming days. Over the last 24 hours, the coin gained 6% against its 18% loss yesterday.

The APE RSI has tended towards the 37–45 range over the past few days, and this shows that the days of the bears are coming to an end. While it may not mean that apes will see an intense bullish run, it may be a way to profit from the coming growth. Traders might want to hedge their gains with APE as the coin might be seeing gradual gains day-on-day. However, there’s a need to tread carefully, as its price depends exclusively on the forces of demand and supply. Buy APE on eToro 

4. Conflux CFX 

Coinflux is one of the most popular cryptos of Chinese origin. Generally, it’s often referred to as Chinese Ethereum. It was launched in 2021 and has continued under the radar until early this year, when investors caught wind of the possibility of Coinflux becoming a key part of China Telecom’s Blockchain SIM (BSIM). However, the coin soon had to let go of its massive gains towards the middle of the year as other coins of Chinese origin began to show prospective growth. CFX has continued an overall downward trend in the last 15 days, which has shaved off about 50% of the gains it made early in the year.

Nonetheless, we’re seeing a consolidation in the price of Conflux as the pressure from the bear dwindles. It’s possible we will witness a gradual price recovery in the coming days as the market might want a diversified portfolio away from the SEC-infested assets. Conflux may also not be our next cryptocurrency to explode. However, investors can look into the coin as a way to hedge their funds. Its price is seemingly low right now and could see a huge surge before the close of the year.

5. The Graph GRT

The Graph gained a value of 4.4% over the last 24-hours. Overall, the GRT has seen a consistent decline in value since the beginning of the month. The sudden price movement started after a whale reportedly sold $55 million worth of GRT at $0.13. This stack sale caused a price action that reversed GRT gains in the early part of the year. However, GRT has begun to consolidate its value as the price seems to be tending towards a renounce.

Over the last 7 days, we’ve seen GRT show signs of recovery as the price embarked on an upward trend. The trend might oscillate a bit before settling for a consistent upward movement. Investors should watch this coin closely, and traders may consider buying the dip as GRT is currently underpriced. GRT is our next cryptocurrency to explode because a price recovery from the coin may send the price back to its highs of $0.4.

6. Dogecoin DOGE 

Investors assume we might be bracing up for another bull run of memecoins. Following the interest of celebrities and influencers in the memecoins, we witnessed a disproportionate rise in the value of the coins. DOGE, for example, attained an all-time high of $0.5 from the activities of Elon Musk around the coin. However, the price of DOGE has since continued on a decline as the hype around the coin has gone down. However, the decline is not so particular to DOGE. Other meme coins also witnessed a decline in their price as the bears seemed to dominate the market over the past few weeks.

DOGE seems to be consolidating its losses as its price has begun to climb in the past few days. DOGE continues to trade close to its support. The activities of the SEC around exchanges are triggering an intense bullish run across the board. Surprisingly, despite the pressure, Dogecoin pushed through with resilience today. It’s expected that as the market recovers, the coin might see a trend that pushes beyond its resistance. Investors might want to keep an eye on DOGE. It may be the next cryptocurrency to explode. Recently, Elon Musk, who is the most prominent fan of DOGE, called a price rally for the falling price of DOGE coin, which may have accounted for its sudden spike in price.

7. DeeLance DLANCE 

Deelance recently crossed the $1.3 million mark and is on its way to the next million in presale funding. The blockchain-based project, which is focused on decentralising the freelancing industry, might be headed for a huge win. The presale continues to record more investors coming in to grab some of its coins in anticipation of its final launch.

What’s special about DLANCE is the utility that’s built around the coin. The platform is out to broker a relationship between employers and freelancers without interference from any governing entity. The market across the network would depend entirely on the force of buying and selling, with the commission paid to the platform almost close to zero. One of the weaknesses of the current freelancing market is that freelancers lose the bulk of their earnings to platform owners, and employers are discouraged from using the platform due to high fees and constraints from platform policies.

Deelance, on the other hand, is removing the barrier by allowing the DLANCE token to determine what happens across its network. The weakness of the current freelancing platforms may have unlocked an opportunity for platforms like DLANCE to take over the industry when blockchain finally becomes mainstream. DLANCE is still on sale for $0.038. The price will go up in another 12 days. It’s best to get some while it’s still at its lowest, as this might be the next cryptocurrency to explode. Visit the Deelance presale.

8. Ecoterra ECOTERRA

The blockchain project targeted at building a sustainable environment has begun to gather steam. Ecoterra is working on a Recycle2Earn initiative that seeks to clean up and put an end to the volume of solid waste going into our environment as a result of human activities. The project stems from the increasing effect of cryptocurrency mining on the environment. Seeing the impending danger that could result from crypto mining, the brains behind Ecoterra stepped in to provide a solution. While the focus was initially on the cryptocurrency ecosystem, the solution had taken on a broader scope to include other aspects of human life.

With proliferating calls from global leaders towards a sustainable environment, Ecoterra may be on its way to becoming the innovative solution the world has been waiting for. The coin went on presale a few weeks ago and has raised close to $4.7 million.

The ECOTERRA price is set to reach $0.1 in the next 21 days. Now might be the time to pick up some of the token before it hits the market. What sets this coin apart from every other coin is that it solves a real and scalable problem. If it executes its model well, it might witness a contentious increase in its value over its lifetime. Visit the Ecoterra presale.

9. Cronos CRO

Cronos price is up by 6%; however, its trading volume dropped by 49%. Despite the drop in trading volume, Cronos might be the next cryptocurrency to watch. First, it opened the year with a massive increase in its price, which brought the price near its all-time high. However, it recently witnessed a downturn that saw its price fall below the $0.64 mark. What we’re seeing now is the consolidation of CRO, which has commenced since late May.

Investors are speculating that CRO may have begun an upward trend that will continue for the time being. It’s only a wonder if CRO will be the next cryptocurrency to explode. As it is, CRO may retrace its price back to $0.7 in the coming days. It’s the best time to keep an eye on CRO, as the coin may give investors an opportunity to earn back some of the funds that the bears have taken in the recent down market.

10. Wall Street Memes (WSM)

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Wall Street Memes has been gaining popularity for two things: one, its ability to raise massive amounts of money in presale, and two, its community of unconventional investors. The coin is developed around a mindset that seems to believe that anyone can be rich if only he’s given a chance. The nonconformist movement around the Wall Street memes is also the same as that behind the Wall Street bets. This coin has reached a whopping $5.3 million in less than a month of presale.

Currently, the price of WSM is set at $0.28. With the rising influence of memes on the market, we might be looking at the next memecoin to explode. Perhaps it’ll take over from the popular Pepe coin and DOGE. So far, its Twitter community has accumulated over 200k raving fans. And thousands of people have already bought into the WSM. Now might be the best time for investors to join the presale and scoop up some coins before it goes on sale. Visit WSM presale 

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