Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Thursday 1 June – DeeLance, Quant, XDC Network

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The global cryptocurrency market has entered a phase where it dilly-dallies between the green and red. The rapid up-and-down market movement is closely connected with the state of the macroeconomy. Last month saw a lot of investment pulled out of the Chinese market despite its huge market and production capacity. Debt levels in the United States too are becoming increasingly hard to manage.

The crypto market capitalization is now worth $1.13 trillion. That is a 0.91% drop from what was reported in our last next cryptocurrency to explode post.

The overall cryptocurrency market trade in the last 24 hours sits at $31.59 billion. That is a whole 9.59% loss from the previous day. Decentralized Finance has its total trade volume now at $2.53 billion. This amounts to 8.01% of the overall cryptocurrency market within the same 24-hour period. Stablecoins trade volume is now at $29.39 billion, at 93.02% of the entire crypto market trade volume in 24 hours.

Global Market Cap Chart

Bitcoin’s market dominance is at 46.07%, a 0.22% fall from the previous day. Nevertheless, there are solid crypto assets still holding out and carrying the market. They form the basis of our list and why they are the next cryptocurrencies to explode. They keep the market and investors busy till other assets catch up again.

The Next Cryptocurrency To Explode

Investors are motivated in spite of the current situation that seems to keep the market on hold. The list of the top gainers shows that they are rising with good percentages. It is further indicative of the mood among investors and their diversification. We take a look at some presale tokens, as well as trending assets.

1. The Graph (GRT)

The first asset on the next cryptocurrency to explode is the Graph. It is up today by 3.01% and trading at $0.1346. Its 24-hour trading volume is also doing significantly well at $235,602,655. 

Analysts say GRT is displaying a similar price pattern to what Bitcoin displayed early in the year when it did very well. The GRT token has jumped over an upward trajectory and it looks set to rally toward $0.15 from its current position.

The Graph system was built on Ethereum and it has its native ERC-20 token, the GRT. As a global API and indexing protocol that organizes blockchain data, the Graph attracts investments from data users. The blockchain data is made available with the help of the protocol’s GraphQL. There is also Graph Explorer which developers use to search for, and publish the necessary data required to build their decentralized apps. 

The Graph makes it easy for developers to build their serverless decentralized apps. These apps are set up to run totally on public infrastructure. The native cryptocurrency, GRT which is an ERC-20 token, is used to direct various workflows. The network also uses Indexers who operate its node. They are in turn rewarded with GRT for the queries they process.

Any user can delegate their GRT to any indexer to have them secure the network and also earn some reward. The platform’s indexers, curators, and delegates work in sync to get data in place for a crypto-driven economy.

The next cryptocurrency to explode will maintain all these trappings and more. This is why investors are closely drawn to the Graph. This also gives GRT more utility and transaction. Look at the eToro space to find out how to buy some.   

2. Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin has undergone some price action that stabilizes its position in the crypto market. This has saved it from dipping into the red zone as some others have done. The price action has created what looks like a symmetric triangular pattern in the asset over the last few days. At that time, the price action was indicative of relative indecision among bearish and bullish traders. They were not clear on which direction to follow at first because of the randomness and volatility created by the triangle.

Now that the asset is out of the struggle, it has a clearly defined path. LTC, the native token of the network, is currently trading up by 3.93%. Due to that, it is exchanged at $92.78 per token. Whereas, its trading volume in the last 24 hours is $691,716,458.

Investors are pumping funds to make way for profitable earnings in the future. This is guaranteed by Litecoin’s utility which was built on its speed. The selling point of the network is its ability to execute transactions with speed. This was made possible because the Litecoin source code came from a fork of Bitcoin’s code.

Litecoin is an eToro asset and investors have quick access to make sure they get some for themselves. As the next cryptocurrency to explode, all investments going into LTC now will pay off soon.

3. Quant (QNT)

Quant is currently trading at $118.73, up by 3.05% for the day. The asset has fought hard with the help of investors and its community to keep being the next cryptocurrency to explode. It also has a trade volume of $26,173,147 in the last 24 hours.

Quant’s latest price action helped push its crypto market’s capitalization to the current $1,433,175,716 level. This year, thus far, Quant has grown by 11.59% from last year. The platform’s native cryptocurrency is QNT and it is considered an actual currency under the Digital Asset Classification set up by CoinDesk.

The Quant platform is a blockchain that supports interoperability and makes the process easier for blockchains to interact with one another. For the token, there is a total market supply of 14.6 million. This number was pegged after the platform buried over 9 million units of the asset because they didn’t sell out during its ICO in 2019.

The attention that the asset sustains in the market is a result of investors’ confidence and the high prospect of returns. It is also an eToro coin so investors know where to look in the event that they also need to invest.


IOTA’s native cryptocurrency, MIOTA, has been up in the market by 4.67% in the last 7 days. It has been able to sustain investors’ attention with its tenacity and the promise of good returns. Its 24-hour trading volume has topped $15.6 million and counting.

News from the network’s Twitter handle to its large followers is that it will host its weekly governance meeting today on its Discord channel. Access to attend this event and others like is what holding the MIOTA token gives investors.

It is a ledger that was designed to enhance small transactions between different IoT devices. The developers say they see IOTA’s native token, the MIOTA, as the connector of the human and machine economies. They say this is a means of creating and promoting interoperability between the two entities.

Those criticizing the IOTA network have focused on some technical faults it had in the past. They refer to a phishing attack that resulted in the loss of MIOTA worth $3.94 million. But the network has been made safer over the years and investors’ funds have been secure. Investors have always been encouraged to give more attention to the eToro asset since it does exceptionally well. The confidence around it makes it the next cryptocurrency to explode.

5. DeeLance (DLANCE)

DeeLance is the next cryptocurrency to explode but it is still on its presale. This will last for 17 more days and the crypto market is already shaken by the impact. Selling at $0.038, the DLANCE has raked in over $1.2 million. 

The platform has announced via its Twitter that there is an ongoing leaderboard competition that will last for 17 days. The goal is to find the biggest DLANCE buyers before the end of the presale’s fourth stage. There is already a reward of 500,000 $DLANCE for the winners when the presale is over.

DeeLance says it is leading the evolution of the freelancing space. It is using a decentralized method to connect freelancers with recruiters while leveraging blockchain technology. It has a metaverse where freelancers can also display their work for recruiters and whoever else would require their service. Recruiters also have the opportunity to set up their office in the metaverse. It is where they will be able to easily set up interviews with their prospective employees. 

Once the presale is over the DLANCE token moves into exchanges, crypto analysts expect the price to rise exponentially because of the traction it has gained during this period. It is, therefore, the best time for investors to take advantage of the ongoing presale.

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6. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA)

The next cryptocurrency to explode that is worth paying much attention to is Ecoterra. There are only 2 days to the end of its presale and it has raised more than $4.6 million so far while selling at $0.0085. Ecoterra made the announcement of the new fundraising milestone on its Twitter page.

Ecoterra is an ecologically-driven network committed to rewarding those playing a role in recycling and environmental activities. It has a recycle-to-earn application that features recycling assets and other ecological actions. Its website also features a marketplace where carbon offset and various recycled materials can be purchased with ease.

Ecoterra plans to roll out its Recylce2Earn program by 2025. This means that users around the world will be able to cash in their waste materials to receive the ECOTERRA coin.

Ecoterra’s roadmap equally talks about more corporate partnerships. Analysts expect that this will be majorly related to their marketplaces for recycled materials and carbon emissions. However, having more prominent players in the crypto industry join the vision will give Ecoterra more push. It will also increase the popularity and utility of the coin.

Furthermore, the World Economic Forum says it looks forward to the climate change industry increasing in value to about $2 trillion by 2026. With that realization, it shows that the market has a lot of potential to grow beyond its current state. In the long run, this puts the Ecoterra token in a position of advantage.

Investors generally understand the possibilities around cryptocurrencies that are built around critical topics such as climate change. This explains why Ecoterra has enjoyed the incredible attention it has so far gotten.

With current realities, analysts say it is possible that Ecoterra sees a price of $0.04 toward the end of 2025. This price action is indicative of the ecosystem’s rollout, growth in the climate industry, and investors’ interest in such assets.

With the few days left, investors are encouraged to take the lead to get some ECOTERRA before the presale is over. It is indeed, the next cryptocurrency to explode.

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7. yPredict (YPRED)

yPredict has 17 days to the end of its presale and it has raised more than $1.9 million since it started. The platform is building a refined crypto trading and research network that lets investors and traders have access to a lot of artificial intelligence power. They will have access to new pattern recognition, breakouts, social network features, and more.

yPredict’s presale has a hard cap of $6.5 million set before it. It could meet this before the end of the presale if it keeps gaining traction as it has been doing lately.

A lot more investors and traders are expected to turn to artificial intelligence to get trading help in the future. This is why analysts predict that there are lots of opportunities for yPredict investors, the platform, and the YPRED coin.

A crypto analyst and YouTuber, Jacob Crypto Bury says he thinks yPredict is similar to a low market capitalization gem. He went further to state that YPRED has the potential to become 10x its current value. yPredict is the next cryptocurrency to explode for a number of other reasons that investors will benefit from in the near future.

Investors and traders across the globe are noticing the rise of the new crypto with excitement. The hope increases as it draws close to the $2 million milestone in its fundraising journey. It will naturally supercharge the profits that come to retailers.

New and young inventors are especially encouraged to invest in an artificial intelligence-driven initiative like yPredict. 

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8. XDC Network (XDC)

Currently trading up at 4.31% and selling at $0.0366, XDC is the next cryptocurrency to explode. The network is focused on international trade and settlement. It has already developed a secure, scalable, and commercial-grade architecture that requires no permission. With its hybrid architecture, the XDC Network addresses loopholes in global settlement and trade.

The XDC Network went a step further on Wednesday as it entered a partnership with Japan’s SBI VC Trade. This move helps XDC to increase its presence in Japan. SBI VC Trade is a crypto exchange that is a subsidiary of SBI based in Tokyo. XDC made the announcement on Wednesday the 31st of May through SBI CEO, Fumiki Ozaki. Ozaki said that XDC wIll now be added to SBI’s crypto exchange.

The CEO said the XDC Network is delighted to expand its crypto operation by adding its XDC token to SBI’s exchange. The XDC Network, he said, comes with a unique value proposition to the finance market, and SBI believes its addition will help its customers’ experience when they trade.

The network also just decided it was going to decentralize the governance of its blockchain by creating a DAO. Following the deployment, the community will be saddled with the responsibility of deciding the ecosystem’s fund distribution to enhance development. Irrespective of what individual holdings are, all XDC holders are guaranteed of receiving part of the funds.

Investors should take advantage of the strides XDC is making to buy into it now as the next crypto to explode.

9. T-mac DAO (TMG)

T-mac DAO price has risen significantly today. The asset price is now $17.45 and its 24-hour trading volume is $291,424. This is a 118.66% price improvement within the last 24 hours of trade and also a 104.85% price improvement within the past 7 days.

T-Mac DAO is a community of basketball star fans and it was inspired by the NBA player, Tracy McGrady. He is generally considered the greatest scorer in the history of the NBA. the platform’s token, TMG, is the next big cryptocurrency to explode.

The platform is the first basketball stars’ fan support autonomous community organized by itself. Everyone in the T-Mac DAO community has the opportunity to create their own channel and space exclusively for their individual and favorite basketball stars. They are also able to support their stars with other fans that like the same star. From there, they share updates and other developments about the star. They can equally organize offline meetings and any activities. 

Apart from these, the community is set up to also support fans to fight for certain benefits relevant to the game and community. These include limited NFT auction sales, peripheral star products, token airdrops, and so on. 

The TMG token has the potential to be heavily used by basketball fans and sports lovers generally. Seeing the traction it has gained recently, TMG’s utility is set to go beyond sports into staking, sports betting, and many more. Investors would do well for themselves to cup a few now as it is the next cryptocurrency to explode.

10. Kripto koin (KRIPTO)

This cryptocurrency is up by 72.19% today and it is currently selling at $0.0009532. The asset’s daily trading volume for today is $59,559. Small as this might seem, it has a huge potential of blowing soon as the next cryptocurrency to explode. KRIPTO is the official native token of’s news website and crypto ecosystem. The token’s intrinsic goal is to serve as a rallying point for the community and its followers within the framework of blockchain technology.’s visitors who possess KRIPTO have the chance of participating in the platform’s special events and surveys, gamefi gameplay projects, NFT purchases, special offers, and other experiences. The KRIPTO token is the community’s means of transaction and access. For some reason, it is always a hotly trending topic within the platform’s Twitter community. The community burned some KRIPTO tokens to the tune of 3 million but all available tokens are currently in circulation.

With other technological developments, cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular by the day. Cryptocurrencies, which can be used in numerous ways, have broadened their utility and areas of influence while directing different financially inclusive sectors. 

Community-based projects are geared toward achieving success together in a world ruled by commodifying time. This is done by taking all necessary views from the community into account. News sites and similar channels do not fully utilize blockchain technology yet. The Kripto token, therefore, plans to get solutions for its space while using blockchain technology. This will help it close the lacuna seen in news websites and related channels while taking community sentiments into account.

The project’s whitepaper indicates that its first goal is to provide some information about the KRIPTO token to potential participants. It will play a pioneering role in the media space by integrating it with the blockchain for users to source information easily and interact with a community. It is inevitably, then the next cryptocurrency to explode as it paves the way.

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